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Welcome to the Downtown Tempe Authority Merchant Resource page. This is where you can find information to help make running your downtown business a bit easier including marketing and event opportunities, quality of life resources, streetcar details and more.

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Events and Marketing Opportunities

The Basics

  • Appear on Downtown Tempe's Homepage - Include the hashtag  #DowntownTempe in your social media posts. Posts made on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the #DowntownTempe hashtag will automatically appear on the tag board on Downtown Tempe's homepage
  • Check out your Landing Page - Every street-level merchant in the district has a landing page on Downtown Tempe's website. The page includes hours of operation, your address, a map, a description, up to three photos and your social media feeds. If you are a new business, submit your information on this FORM. Existing businesses, review your landing page and email updates to
  • Promote your Own Events - We want to help you promote all of your events to everyone who comes to our website. The easiest way for us to stay up to date with your events is for you to Submit An Event through our web form. This link is also up on the right-hand corner of this webpage. Just fill out the form and email with any images you want to be included. 
  • About Downtown Tempe Gift Cards - Effective May 1, 2016, the Downtown Tempe Authority ceased the sale and management of the Downtown Tempe Authority (or Mill Avenue District) gift cards. All plastic gift cards may still redeemable at participating locations depending on your POS system. Merchant Support for the gift cards: All gift card customer service must take place through Store Financial at 800.985.4316, available 24/7The Downtown Tempe Authority is no longer authorized to provide customer service on behalf of Store Financial.

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