On-Street Meters

Telephone: 480-894-1800


Click HERE for meter locations and hours.

There are 500 + conveniently located on-street meters throughout the Mill Avenue District. The rates for these meters are .25 per 10 minutes or $1.50 per hour ranging from 80 to 180 minute limit.

Time Limit Enforced Till
80 minutes 6:00p.m.
2 hours 10:00p.m.
3 hours 6:00p.m.

All meters are free to vehicles prominently displaying a handicap plate, placard, or hang tag. Time limits enforced. (This applies to on-street meters ONLY. All parking in lots and garages must be paid).

All meters in the Downtown area accept credit/debit cards in addition to coin and the ability to pay for and extend parking with your smart phone. Click here for more information on the Park Mobile App.

How to Use Meters


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the on-street meters please call our Parking Hotline at 480-894-1800.

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