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6 Downtown Tempe Date Nights

Posted 01.16.17 by Aminda

So, you're dating someone new and it's date night. Where do you bring them? What kind of mood do you want to create? How can you make it unique?

In Downtown Tempe, we are lucky to have a plethora of options for date night... Somewhere out there in the big ol' land between Farmer & College lies the perfect date night, just waiting for you.

From fancy-schmancy to the low-key... you can count on Downtown Tempe to foster your one of a kind love. However, with so many great options at our fingertips right, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect activities to fit your mood. 

Never fear, I'm here to help.

8 Downtown Tempe Cheat Meals You Need To Experience

Posted 12.20.16 by Aminda

As I sit at my desk and snack on a Honeycrisp apple dipped in almond butter, I find myself daydreaming of how amazing a Hawaiian Sweet Roll drenched in spinach artichoke dip would be at this very moment.

This carbolicious, sour cream based fairytale got me thinking… we have a ton of options for eating healthy, nutritious meals here in Downtown Tempe, and I'm thankful for it! However, life is about balance... right? Luckily, for every nutritious, gluten free, leafy green concoction we have access to, there exists a beautiful, cheesy, calorie filled counterpart. 

I asked everyone in the office what their absolute must-have cheat meal in Downtown Tempe is. The one they look forward to sinking their teeth into when they just do not give a fluff. 

Drum roll please…

What's an Editorial Calendar?

Posted 10.11.16 by Aminda

Let me tell you, one single social media post is not just one single post. You have to think about engaging captions, timing, SEO, “good” photos, double triple checking links and spelling, overall aesthetic, how to speak your “message” is without being too “messagey”... and the list goes on. All of my fellow marketing coordinators and social media managers out there know what I’m saying.

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5 Spots to Chill at Before an ASU Home Game

Posted 10.07.16 by Aminda

My coworker decided to show me the ropes around town before my first ever ASU game! Here was our route before arriving at the Wells Fargo Arena.

Places Mentioned: C.A.S.A Tempe, Tempe Mission Palms, Wells Fargo Arena

12 Study Spots in Downtown Tempe

Posted 08.30.16 by Aminda

So, let's say your roommate is pumping iron to her workout DVD in the living room.
...or maybe you have THE cutest dog in the universe that naturally, he’s the ultimate distraction.
...or the kids are singing the Paw Patrol theme song at the top of their lungs, over and over.
...and don't you just love those days when your cubicle neighbor types extra aggressively?
...or maybe you simply need a cup (or 3) of coffee?

Whatever the case may be, sometimes we need to switch up our environment in order to focus and get some work done. 

Homework, monthly reports, and email inboxes around Tempe be warned... you're about to be *DUN DUN DUN* ... studied, completed and cleaned up. 

Here are 12 spots you can hit up around Downtown Tempe to get your focus on and squash those tasks.