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There are a lot of misconceptions about Arizona and the cities within it -- no culture, nothing to do, and just a sprawl of beige buildings with Saguaro cacti sprinkled throughout. As an Arizona native who was born and raised here, it is insurmountably important to me to break down those misconceptions (sometimes to myself, but mostly to others). I want to shed light on the vibrant culture where people say there is none, and dig deeper into exploring some of my fave existing elements.

I must admit, Downtown Tempe wasn’t always a go-to spot for me. My teen years were made up of late nights at Modified Arts, The Trunk Space, and a few other venues that are now long gone. But my sights shifted to Downtown Tempe when I was accepted to ASU. I began my time with the DTA with a freshman internship at MADCAP Theaters. While my days of sweating it out (old MADCAP patrons will recall the lack of air conditioning) and slinging popcorn were certainly not glamorous, the time I spent there allowed me to see a side of Tempe that I had never considered previously. A few years and a couple promotions later, I am more dedicated than ever to sharing with everyone the unseen Downtown Tempe that I know, and helping this area achieve its full potential!  

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Tis the Season...to get involved

Posted 11.12.16 by Erika

If an event was a play, they would be the stage hands. If an event was restaurant, they would be the chef. Everything they do is behind the scenes - while you may not notice when they are there, you would surely take note of their absence. Who am I talking about? Volunteers, of course. 

4 Ways Tumbleweed is Helping Homeless Youth

Posted 09.27.16 by Erika

Homelessness in the youth population is a unique and complex issue that requires a knowledgeable and compassionate approach to tackle. Thankfully, Tumbleweed Youth Center exists to do just that.

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Walk-In Wednesday

Posted 09.20.16 by Erika

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New Biz Alert: Mojo Yogurt

Posted 05.09.16 by Erika

Those of you in the know may be confused about the title. It’s true, Mojo Yogurt isn’t exactly new to Mill Avenue. But after a brief sabbatical, Mojo 2.0 is back and just as good as ever. For old Mojo faithfuls and newcomers alike, now is a good time to get familiar with the froyo spot’s new digs. 

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What's a Brunch Crawl?

Posted 07.14.15 by Erika

This month – and this one is exciting – we’re taking you on a “tour” of some of the newest and most popular brunch spots.  If there is one area where Downtown Tempe shines - its brunch.  The Brunch Crawl is a compilation of all of the breakfast spots that I’m sure you’ve been meaning to check out, or have been meaning to check out again. It’s a way for you to nosh your way through three super popular, award winning restaurants and to not break the bank, or your belly.

This is a rare opportunity to try sample sizes and small-bites plates of some of these restaurants most popular items. There’s no need to commit to full sized, appetite-satisfying plates and ruin your whole crawl – you get to try everything! And don’t worry, the drinks are full sized.

Places Mentioned: Blasted Barley Beer Company, Postino Wine Cafe