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Confession: Our Pancakes are Better than Yours!

Posted 02.18.15 by Miranda

In the spirit of Shrove Tuesday, I felt inclined to share my affinity for pancakes -- of course not just any ol’ pancakes, but specifically my mother’s pancakes. I know, I know…everyone thinks that their mother makes the best pancakes, but I’m writing this to let everyone know that it is MY MOTHER who actually makes the BEST pancakes. Anyone who has ever had them would agree. I don’t ever order pancakes at my favorite breakfast and brunch joints because I know they won’t compare to the perfectly circular fluffy cakes that I’m accustomed to. That is until I started working in Downtown Tempe….

I was fortunate enough to come on board with Downtown Tempe Authority in July of 2014. Yes, that came with triple digit heat well into September, but what came after was something I never expected – PANCAKES! And not just any ol’ buttermilk pancakes, but pancakes that I actually look forward to eating, am able to compare to my mother’s, and dare I say…no, I won’t go there just yet.

It has truly been a blessing and a curse having an office located directly above NCounter. Once it started to cool down and the feeling of autumn finally started to fill the air in Downtown Tempe, I started to see lots of seasonal menu items pop up at my favorite spots – that included Pumpkin Pancakes right beneath my feet. I walked in and out of the office for weeks with the sweet smell of pumpkin in the air, but was able to resist the temptation. Besides, I knew they wouldn’t compare to my mother’s pancakes, so why set myself up for disappointment? The curiosity of that sweet smell crawling through the office walls eventually got the best of me and I caved…pumpkin pancakes for lunch – why not? I’ll spare the mouthwatering details, but let’s just say that NCounter’s pancakes can sit at my table any day.

Along with the seasonal menu items, a few other things starting popping up this past fall in Downtown Tempe – I’m talking about delicious brunch eateries that folks all throughout the Phoenix Valley are buzzing about. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery had a soft opening in the early part of December. It was pure coincidence that my parents were in town visiting from Ohio, so I invited them to tag along and try out Downtown Tempe’s newest spot. With a variety of pancakes on their menu year around, we opted for a Pancake Flight. After just a few bites and a silent table, my very own mother uttered the words that I thought I’d never hear come from her lips: “These are the best pancakes I’ve ever had…they’re so fluffy!” Shocking, I know…but I can’t say that I disagreed with her.

Lastly, I got wind of a place that had recently closed in Old Town Scottsdale possibly relocating to Downtown Tempe. I had been just one time and only had their famous Mexican Chocolate Latte, but I had certainly planned to go back…until they closed. So when they opened in Downtown Tempe, I was there within a week for one thing that I had previously noticed on their menu other than the delicious latte – none other than the Jalapeno Pecan Pancakes. There’s just something about sweet & savory that says, “EAT ME!” So I did just that. I’ve been to Orange Table several times since and have yet to try something else on the menu.

In a short stack, if you find yourself craving pancakes, want to treat yourself for killing your workouts all week or just want to indulge, you don’t have to wait until Pancake Day 2016…just head to Downtown Tempe. And please don’t feel pressured to make a decision on just one spot – I encourage you to try them all.

Happy tasting!




Places Mentioned: Ncounter, Snooze, an A.M. Eatery