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Going Gammage

Posted 04.29.15 by Erika

I have a “guilty pleasure” that I truly don't feel so guilty about. I really, really, (once more, with feeling!) really like musicals. And as a lover of musicals, I have developed a certain affinity for ASU Gammage. Where else in The Valley can you see such a good variety of Broadway-quality productions all year round? 

Shout out to Frank Llyod Wright for Gammage's signature style.

My first Gammage show was a production of Phantom of the Opera. I was a freshman in high school and was just getting into learning the ropes of technical theater. What I saw on stage that night absolutely blew my little techie mind. Don't get me wrong, I loved the actual "show" part of it all, but I was completely enamored by what was going on just off stage. The set changes, the special effect rigs (the infamous chandelier crash, anyone?), and the lighting effects completely endeared me to live theater for years to come. Between Phantom, Spring Awakening, and most recently Kinky Boots, I can say that I’ve seen some of my favorite productions there. 

My time at ASU clued me into some Gammage programming that others may tend to overlook. For 20 years ASU has presented its Beyond series at Gammage. It was through Beyond that I had the privilege of seeing Anda Union play a few years ago. I had no idea that I was interested in seeing a Mongolian throat singing group play, but I jumped at the opportunity when it was presented. It is that kind of cultural exchange that really added to my experience at ASU. There’s also the occasional special event that comes up that puts an already awesome show in a spectacular venue. Take for instance, the Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis concert that rolled through last year. Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis in general = cool. Ryan Adams and Jenny Lewis at Gammage = very cool.

Now that I have more than a few Gammage productions under my belt, I like to think of myself as a Gammage Pro. I know how to make a whole night of going to a show. I think one of the best ways to do that is to utilize the Dinner and a Show  program. That’s a collaboration between many Downtown Tempe restaurants and ASU Gammage to bring you a variety of great pre-show deals. 25% off any burrito at C.A.S.A, a free dessert at Caffe Boa, or any of the other deals Dinner and a Show  offers all sound really good to me. 

"I Am Here for You" - Me, to this show.

The huge buzz revolving around Gammage now is the upcoming production of The Book of Mormon. This is the first time Book of Mormon is coming to The Valley and I, like everyone and their mother, am HYPED! You can be sure I’ll get my Dinner and a Show on before seeing the show. 

Location: ASU Gammage