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4 Residents That Love #DTUrbanLiving!

Posted 03.25.16 by Miranda

You may have heard about Downtown Tempe's 2nd Annual Urban Living Tour. This is a self-guided tour, where guests are invited to explore urban living options in Downtown Tempe on foot, bicycle, or by trolley! The tour is designed for participants to get a true feel for urban living, as each property is located within close proximity to the heart of Downtown Tempe and the Valley Metro Light Rail. In addition to urban living options, we wanted to give people an opportunity to "meet" Downtown Tempe residents that truly exemplify urban living. We reached out to several familiar faces and asked a few simple questions:

  • How long have you lived in Downtown Tempe and WHY did you choose to live here?
  • What is your favorite part about living in Downtown Tempe?

Here's what they had to say...

1. Julian Wright

You might know Julian as one of the OGs of the restaurant and bar scene in Downtown Tempe. His most recent concept, Pedal Haus Brewery, has been a breath of fresh air for Centerpoint Plaza. If you haven't been, stop by on your lunch break or grab a house brew after work. Juilan has lived in Downtown Tempe on and off for about 10 years, but first moved to downtown in 1991.  

“I like the energy, the ability to walk/bike to work, the selection of bars/restaurants, events, and the cool neighborhoods. I like that people in urban areas tend to mingle and get to know each other in social settings. I also like being connected to my alma mater...#ForksUp!"

2. Lori Foster

We know Lori because...well...she works with us. You've probably seen her out on the street. As the Director of Business Relations, it's her responsibility to keep all of the businesses in our district happy. While we know that's impossible, Lori does a phenomenal job trying to do just that. She's lived in Downtown Tempe for almost 2 years and chose to live downtown because she likes the active vibe that can be felt on the street - there's always something happening.

"My favorite part of living downtown is my 2 minute commute to work and all the things that I can do just outside my doorstep: run at the lake, hike A mountain, eat great food, grab a drink, see a movie, ride the rail to other parts of the Valley, see great PAC12 sporting events live, and I love being a quick 10 minute ride to the airport."

3. Jayarr Steiner

Let's see...we met Jayarr last year at a casual happy hour we held to introduce ourselves to some people in the local arts community. I'll never forget the first thing he said, "Oh, I just realized who you guys were when I walked in...I know some people that hate you guys!" We've loved working with him ever since -- from his super creative screen tees, to his social bikes rides (The CRAP Ride if you haven't heard of it), he is really immersed in the Downtown Tempe community on both a professional and personal level. 

"I rented for 2 years and finally bought a house in the area 1 year ago, so I have lived in or around Downtown Tempe for 3 years now. I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the Valley. I love the energy here - it's just alive! When I ride my bike up Mill Ave, I can feel the buildings breathing. I've been all over the Valley and haven’t found such a delectable, weird, youthful vibe as I have here. I really like the changes that occur in Downtown Tempe as the day goes on. In the mornings you see people getting their coffee and piling into the buildings for work. Midday, you see people getting ready to hike A Mountain and crowds gathering for lunch. Then at night, the trees sparkle with lights and the music turns up. This area has whatever you’re looking for…as long as what you’re looking for isn’t being an OLD FART!"

"My favorite part about living here is the variety. You’re less than 5 minutes from whatever ‘urban’ vibe you’re looking for. College bars, small restaurants that have been around for 20 years, high end cuisine, a picnic at the beach, a hippie shop, clothing stores, grocery store…whatever."

4. Barb Walters Harris 

We know Barb through social media -- she is really connected to the community and is constantly sharing what she's up to in Downtown Tempe as well as commenting on our social profiles. If Downtown Tempe's social media presence had a governing body, she'd definitely be the Mayor! Unfortunately we were unable to connect with Barb to get some photos of her hanging out in her new apartment at the Hanover Mill Avenue, which she loves! She did answer our questions though...

"We moved to Hanover at the end of September. We started thinking about moving to Downtown Tempe last spring. We’d been thinking about downsizing but knew we wanted to stay in Tempe, as we’ve lived here since '99 and can’t imagine living anywhere else in the Valley. We looked at a few rental condos, but they weren’t the perfect fit. On a lark I found info on Hanover online and we went to the leasing office. It was a perfect!"

"Our favorite part of living in Downtown Tempe, besides our fabulous apartment at Hanover, is how we can be a part of it all in just a few minutes. If we want to sit outside and grab a beer we can walk to Pedal Haus, which we call our backyard. If we want to see a movie, Valley Art or AMC is just a few steps away. And honestly, the people watching just can’t be beat!"

If you're feeling inspired and want to see what #DTUrbanLiving is all about, join us on April 2nd for the Urban Living Tour.