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Intersection - 7th & College

Posted 06.09.15 by Kate

I have always loved the concept of an intersection. The crossing of paths where vehicles, bicycles, and people are coming from different places, connecting in a defined space, and then proceeding in various directions. At this particular intersection, add golf carts and skateboards into the mix. It’s only natural for businesses to lay stakes in these gathering spots, taking advantage of the greatest potential for visibility. It’s an interesting space to observe, as you see old friends shaking hands, the “see you later” moments as plans are made and waves exchanged, and all the while commerce is occurring. Everyone continues on toward their individual destinations, but for a moment, they intersected. 

7th & College is a great intersection to just sit back and watch. First there is the physical change that has occurred in the last year. There is an entire building, and a well-designed (kudos John Kane) one at that, that didn’t exist. And this venue houses a marketplace, a wine bar, classrooms, the new student orientation center, and a MAC store - who knew? Across the street there are two new very popular restaurants in view, Postino and Snooze. And there is this academia meet business meet casual thing going on everywhere you look. Did I mention the bikes – there are a lot of cyclists passing this intersection. Almost equally divided between casual bike riders using it to get them to school or work and the serious athletes. 

Standing at the intersection, but looking a little beyond, there are so many stories. You can clearly see “A” Mountain as you look down the College Avenue view corridor. I love this view because it is new to our downtown portfolio and quite dynamic. And then there are the diving boards. Every now and then a body in flight emerges, gracefully determines their path, and then disappears. 

I urge you … take a walk and start to soak in the variety of happenings in our downtown. Get to know it and you will love it too – at every intersection. 

Location: College Avenue Commons