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Learn How to Market Your Business From the Best

Posted 05.12.15 by Miranda

It’s no secret that Downtown Tempe has undergone something of a renaissance recently with new businesses, hotels, eateries and opportunities cropping up around every corner. Marketing and creative agencies have become particularly well-represented in the area in recent years, and in a rare moment of collaboration, they’ve taken an unprecedented first step to team up with us for the greater good. Team work makes the dream work, right? 

It all kicks off at 12:30pm on Monday, May 18th and will continue on the first and third Monday of each month. Marketing masterminds from across the city will take turns teaching "Marketing in the Modern Day Symposiums," which will tackle a variety of critical topics of interest to Downtown Tempe merchants -- we even asked businesses what they'd like to learn! 

The cost is just $5 for business owners within the district and $10 for other area businesses. Capped at 25 seats per class, participants will receive an hour-long crash course in everything from how to Photoshop for the benefit of social media to how to target Tempe's nearly 40,000 college students successfully and effectively. This type of insight from agencies like AWE Collective, Bright Brothers, and Zion & Zion would typically cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars. Wait...we said $5-10, right? 


In addition to the marketing and communications cram sessions, participants will enjoy a complimentary catered lunch in the Downtown Tempe's Community Room. This is an excellent way for our Tempe-area businesses to get tips from the pros, and gain valuable insight they can trust because of the no-pressure, educational environment," said Kate. This type of valuable info is priceless, but our creative professionals are more than happy to share because we all have common goals -- to draw more business to Downtown Tempe, and keep our city and businesses thriving for decades to come."

For a complete list of upcoming Merchant Marketing Symposium topics, click HERE and reserve your spot today!