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Marketing Symposium Series: Survive the Summer

Posted 04.27.16 by Aminda

We all know it’s a different world out there once those triple digit temperatures hit. Everything changes – from what you wear, what you eat, what time of day you go out, and the list goes on. If you’re a business owner in the desert, you know that this season changes the way you run things around your shop as well. Last week we held the fourth marketing symposium class of the series, where Alison from Tempe Mission Palms presented some valuable tips on how your business can “Survive the Summer” in Downtown Tempe.

Here are a few of my favorite pointers on how to keep your biz movin’ on up, just like the temps.

1. Tap into your customers emotions

When creating content for social media, use photos that tune in with people emotionally rather than a block of text that simply explains the offer you’re promoting. I mean let’s be real, I will buy anything if a kitten tells me to. Seriously though – put yourself in your customer’s shoes and get personal!

2.  Increase customer spending

Obviously, increasing the number of customers is an important factor in growing revenue, but we sometimes forget about the equally important counterpart of this tip – increase current customer’s spending amount. By amplifying the client’s experience, we increase revenue in return. We can do this by:

Adding value AKA Upselling

  • Upgrading their hotel room... for $50 more
  • Making their Jack and Coke a double... for $2 more 
  • Sizing up their soda to a large... for $.50 more

Offering a discount or a deal

  • “One large pizza, two glasses of wine, and two tickets to AMC for $25!”
  • “103° outside? That’s 1.03 off of your meal!”
  • Double stamps on days over 100°

3. Be focused

There are a million offers we could be promoting, but it is best if we focus on one or two. Keep the incentives clear!

4. Collaborate

Working as a team is always a good idea! For example, if you own a pizza joint, run a cross promotion with the yogurt shop next door by displaying their coupon or flyer at your register. It’s a win-win-win. Guests satisfy all their taste buds, and both businesses receive revenue.

5. Entice customers to return

Give them another reason to come back! This could mean a frequent buyer punch card specifically for the summer months, or a flyer placed in their bag informing them about an upcoming promotion. Also, get their email address if you can! Folks love an exclusive discount delivered straight to their inbox. Plus, this is this perfect opportunity to include a yummy photo of that super refreshing craft cucumber mint mojito that will have them heading to your patio.

6. Look at what your business peers are doing

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we want to run a creative special. There are lots of great ideas for increasing business already out there – stay up to date with what your fellow business owners are doing and use it as inspiration. Crafting and tweaking it to work for your brand is the fun part!

These tips are great for our summer months, but can definitely be applicable to any time of the year!  A huge thank you to Tempe Mission Palms and APS for this informative session! Do you have any summer survival tips you’d like to add? Let us know in the comment section below. #collaborating  

We can’t wait to see you all at the next class in the series, “Location = Local: Get Found by Locals & Visitors Alike” on May 4th! Check out all of the upcoming sessions and get your tickets HERE! As always – lunch is provided, so come hungry!

Location: Tempe Mission Palms