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New Biz Alert: Cornish Pasty

Posted 05.02.16 by Aminda

Last month, a new member joined the Downtown Tempe family; Cornish Pasty Co! I know what you’re thinking. You really wish you could eat at Pasty's new location, but you just can’t until it's tested by someone you know and trust.  Don't worry ya'll... I volunteer as tribute.

As I walked into the Mill Ave store front, I grabbed one of cozy high-top tables for two. I’ve been to the University Drive location, where the tables are humongous with long pews for seating. The Downtown Tempe spot is definitely quainter, with only two booths, a handful of two-tops, and of course the bar. I really enjoyed the more intimate setting, and it definitely still has that pub vibe similar to the other locations that we all know and love.

My server gave me the low-down of the menu, and explained that they offer a limited, rotating version of otherwise full menu. I sipped my house-made lemonade while debating which turnover to commit to.

Call me crazy, but I didn’t get a pasty. Let me explain myself! I was perusing the menu, wishing they had a buffet, and just when I thought I had decided on the Oggie, I saw the two magic words – grilled cheese.  It was all a blur after that. Before I knew it, I had ordered it and there I was… pasty-less. I guess that’s what happens when you’re an extreme lover of grilled cheese. #NoRegrets though.

While waiting for my sandwich, I creepily watched the other tables receive their pasties and wrote a note in my iPhone titled “pasties to order next time…” Suddenly, heaven’s gates opened and I saw my gorgeous lunch round the corner.

Seriously, this sandwich was the definition of golden brown. The panini-like texture made it ultra-toasty and perfectly crunchy! They certainly did not skimp in the cheese department either… see exhibit “A” below.

Exhibit A

I also ordered a cup of the potato and leek soup and it was the bomb.com. Cheesy, creamy, and perfect for dipping.

Make sure to swing into Cornish Pasty Co to try it out yourself if you haven’t already! My server mentioned that the most popular choices are the Oggie, Cajun, and Chicken Pot Pie – all of which they’ve decided to run permanently on the otherwise rotating menu!

Which pasty (or other non-pasty item) is your favorite?! Share a photo with #DowntownTempe to make us all jealous and hungry. ;)

Location: Cornish Pasty