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New Biz Alert: Mojo Yogurt

Posted 05.09.16 by Erika

This past March, Mojo made the long trek up the block and across the street to their new location at 411 S. Mill Avenue. As someone that had grown quite familiar with the original Mill Avenue Mojo spot, I was curious how the newer, smaller location would compare. As it turns out, the two location are just like apples to…slightly smaller apples. Think of it like this – if the old Mojo was a cup of coffee, the new Mojo is a shot of espresso. It has all the same qualities, packs the same punch, just all in a more concentrated package. 

If you went to the old Mojo yogurt for its ample seating and two TVs streaming classic cartoons, well, you have very odd standards for a yogurt shop. So let’s get to what really matters. Not a single yogurt flavor or topping was sacrificed in the move to the new location. The long wall of handles contains just the same mixture of seasonal yogurt flavors that range from the light and fruity to the more decadent fare. The same can be said the array of toppings that stretch over half the length of the shop. 

Let’s not forget, Mojo can also blend up your own concoctions of yogurt and fruit to make your ideal smoothie. If you’re not up to crafting your own culinary creation, you can always choose from the three go-to’s that Mojo recommends.  The endless options are one of the reasons why Mojo can become a habit. You can go back day after day and never get the same combination. If that doesn’t keep you coming back, their long-running Half-Off Tuesday deal will. Every Tuesday, you can find my coworkers and I schlepping over to Mojo, saying the Word of the Day (pro-tip: check their Facebook), and enjoying the sweet satisfaction of steeply discounted frozen treats. 

If you can’t make it to Mojo on a Tuesday, don’t sweat it. There’s deals for you too. Mojo has a handy Loyalty Program where you can accumulate points that can be exchanged for anything from a Mojo t-shirt to (you guessed it) more frozen yogurt. Earning 10 Mojo Rewards “Spots” may seem like a daunting task. But you’ll be surprised as how quickly it accumulates when you not only have all of their yogurt to choose from, but also a selection of fresh fruit and veg smoothies.