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Parking Day

Posted 09.18.15 by Danielle

There's nothing better than seeing ideas presented with a creative twist. A creative twist in an urban setting, even better! I am excited for Park(ing) Day for that very reason. Park(ing) Day is a simple idea -- take a parking spot and turn it into a public park. About 10 years ago, someone in San Francisco brought that idea to life, taking a metered parking spot, paid for 2 hours of time, and transformed that space into a little green oasis in the middle of a city block that was in dire need of some beautification.

I mean, such a simple and cool idea right? From just one parking spot, a national movement was born and Park(ing) Day began. Public parking spaces are transformed all across the globe and the designs continue to be more and more creative, resourceful, and usable as public amenities. Some cities see amazing art installations and mobile health clinics while others see large chess games and cool urban sitting areas.  

The possibilities for Park(ing) Day are limitless because it’s about how public space is used to transform the urban landscape. How amazing would it be to see Mill Avenue lined with sections of grass for bocce ball or croquet, a water feature, or an extra large painting canvas for a community art project?

Cities across the globe have taken the third Friday in September to transform their urban cores into public parks. We have some pretty talented and creative folks in our midst, so we're looking forward to seeing what pops up on Park(ing) Day. We encourage you to schedule some time out of your day to explore Mill Avenue, and perhaps you might find yourself park(ing) it in Downtown Tempe.