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Say Hello to Wood Rabbit

Posted 04.14.15 by Erika

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Tempe. I work here, I hang out here - I am just here a lot. With spending as much time in downtown as I do, I’ve had the time to get familiar with the area. I know the side streets and back alleys and odd little hideaways that don’t get much foot traffic. I know how to find whatever ambiance anyone is looking for and the best time to be there. But there is one aspect of downtown that I don’t think I know well enough. That is some of the usual characters that share the district with me. The Regulars. I am talking about the buskers, and the street artists, and all around interesting people. I decided that I wanted to introduce myself to some of the folks that you and I see here all the time. And I decided I would introduce them to you all too.

This lead me to have a chat with Wood Rabbit, one of the street painters I saw working outside of our office one day.

Wood Rabbit grew up in Denver where he saw other street painters make a living off of their work. “I saw that this was their full time job. They could support themselves and their families."

When I asked why he moved from Denver to Arizona his answer was simple,

19 degrees.

Wood Rabbit seemed to have a very clear vision in how he worked. He laid the foundation for elements of his painting that wouldn’t come out until much later in his process.

According to Wood Rabbit, he has been working with spray paint on canvas for 8 year. The first 5 years were more about learning and experimenting until he came into his own style.

We got to talking about how he learned his craft he said that his methods are not traditional.

It’s more about knowing how to manipulate the paint.

Fun Fact:

Wood Rabbit sold his very first painting for $35.

More importantly, Wood Rabbit was very clear in that his main goal was to simply spread the art.

So say hi to Wood Rabbit if you see him on the street one day – and definitely check out whatever he is painting.