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A Pop of Color Makes the Perfect Backdrop

Posted 10.09.17 by Miranda

If you've been to Downtown Tempe lately, taken a stroll on Mill Avenue or simply scrolled through your Instagram feed, you may have seen this larger than life Adirondack chair, which debuted during Spring Training. The chair was originally painted red to support Tempe's "home team" during Spring Training -- the Los Angeles Angels. 

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Celebrate Mardi Gras in Downtown Tempe

Posted 02.16.17 by Miranda

The last day of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, is traditionally a day of indulgence. For some, it’s over-indulgence – in food, drink and all things that scream guilty pleasure. This day is especially important for those planning to give up or cut back on something during Lent, but if you aren’t a practicing Catholic (or even religious), this is still a chance for you to eat, drink and celebrate this New Orleans tradition. Get in the Mardi Gras spirit on February 28th right here in Downtown Tempe!

1. Mask Yourself

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Arizona Fashion Has a New Home: Downtown Tempe

Posted 10.31.16 by Lori

Labelhorde/AZ Fashion Source may be the only animal of its kind in the United States and that animal has just landed in Downtown Tempe in the old Tempe Performing Arts Center at the corner of 6th Street and Forest. If you are in the fashion industry, you already know about Labelhorde/AZ Fashion Source and that this is a BIG deal. If you’re not in the industry, you’re about to learn that this is a really BIG deal.

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Why Sixth + Mill Makers is Essential to The Tempe Festival of the Arts

Posted 10.03.16

As someone who has spent nearly my entire life in Tempe, I know firsthand that the Tempe Festival of the Arts is an institution. It’s been running for way longer than I’ve been alive (almost 50 years!) and continues to attract massive amounts of people. But the “new” scene of creative entrepreneurs and makers – the modern, hip gang - has never been represented at the festival. That ends now.

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Walk-In Wednesday

Posted 09.20.16 by Erika

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TFA Local Artist Highlight: Andrea Merican

Posted 03.28.16 by Aminda

Here we are with our third TFA Local Artist Highlight! We spent some time getting to know Andrea Merican.

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TFA Local Artist Highlight: Lori Hardy

Posted 03.18.16 by Aminda

We're back with our second TFA Local Artist Highlight! This week we're hanging out with Lori Hardy, an incredible artist working out of Glendale. 

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TFA Local Artist Highlight: Jade of Bitchin' Beads

Posted 03.14.16 by Aminda

The Tempe Festival of the Arts is right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited! While there will be aritsts from all over the country joining us Downtown, there will be some of our very own Arizona locals showcasing their work as well. We hung out with a few of those local artists to give you a peek into what they do and how they do it. We will be sharing these interviews with you every Monday leading up to festival, so be sure to check back if you're like me and enjoy seeing artists in their natural habitat.

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Downtown Tempe + Spring Training = The Perfect Sunday Funday

Posted 03.10.16 by Aminda

My co-worker, Jesus, and I decided to try out one of these Spring Training games that are all the buzz this month.

I have to admit that I’ve never been to a Spring Training game, and I know very little about baseball in general, so I was very curious as to how the day would play out. Last Sunday we gave it a shot, and our quest went a little something like this.

11:30 AM I arrived Downtown and parked in the Hayden Square West Lot. I had some time to kill while waiting for Jesus, so I did a little shopping. I scored these earrings from The Henna Shoppe, 2 for $1!

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4 Immediate Observations of Downtown Tempe from a Newbie

Posted 03.01.16 by Aminda

Prior to moving to Arizona earlier this year, I've only visited a few times - mainly to visit family. Which to be honest, consisted of laying by their pool, sipping on mojitos and dipping many, many chips into guacamole. After I decided to actually move Arizona, I was slightly worried that the day-to-day life wouldn’t compare to the vacation-esque rendition I had previously experienced.

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Music Festival Fashion to Rock at Summer Ends

Posted 09.24.15 by Lori

The end of September in Downtown Tempe means it’s time for the Summer Ends Music Festival. If you're lucky enough to have tickets for all 4 days AND you're a female, your first thought is the universal question, "What do I wear?" A few guys may have this question too. We hit the streets for some advice from some of our local retailers to give you some great festival fashions to rock at #SummerEndsAZ.

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Best of the Beards

Posted 09.05.15 by Miranda

World Beard Day is an annual celebration of bearded folks and the people who love them. One thing we know here in #DowntownTempe, is that beards are a part of the culture -- much like beer and bikes. Long, short, tamed, or wild...beards take shape in all different forms and are often used to express a man's unique character. Whatever the case, we hit the streets of #DowntownTempe in search of some impressive whiskers and some of the top secrets to maintaining a great beard. 

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A Tourist in My Own Downtown

Places Mentioned: Hayden Flour Mill, House of Tricks Restaurant, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe Center for the Arts

Posted 05.22.15 by Lori

Once a month, I have the pleasure of taking Downtown Tempe’s Safe-T-Patrol and Ground Support teams on a Familiarization tour. These FAM Tours are a blast! I get to spend some quality time with the people who work so hard to keep our downtown clean & safe, and I also get to be a tourist of the city in which I live and work. Not a bag gig, huh? I know you’ve seen the guys in bright yellow shirts – they're your Safe-T-Patrol. Hopefully you’ve noticed the folks in red shirts as well – that’s your Ground Support team. Together the two teams act as ambassadors for Downtown Tempe.

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Going Gammage

Location: ASU Gammage

Posted 04.29.15 by Erika

I have a “guilty pleasure” that I truly don't feel so guilty about. I really, really, (once more, with feeling!) really like musicals. And as a lover of musicals, I have developed a certain affinity for ASU Gammage. Where else in The Valley can you see such good variety of Broadway-quality productions all year round? 

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Straight to the Pointe

Places Mentioned: Hayden Flour Mill, Tempe Beach Park, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe Town Lake

Posted 04.16.15 by Miranda

You’ve all heard the expression, “a picture speaks a thousand words”…which is why I’ll keep this short and sweet. The Ballerina Project is a photo series that has been constructed over the past 15 years. The photos are absolutely stunning, as they capture the most alluring ballerinas from famous dance companies around the globe. The project has received a ton of press over the past several years and has an international social media following that’s pushing 1m followers on IG alone. I’ve recently noticed the @ballerinaproject_ posting from nowhere else, but right here in #DowntownTempe! There are no words – just check out the images and you’ll get the pointe. 

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Tempe Music

Posted 04.14.15 by Danielle

Do you remember the very first time you saw a live music event?  I’m not talking about at church with the choir and the organist...I mean a real music gig -- like at a community festival or ticketed show. I remember my first concert, and that is was weird. It was weird because I had never “seen” music played before. Listening to it on the radio or at home on my cassette player (yes I’m a child of the 80’s) was one thing, but to see it LIVE was a totally different experience unlike anything I had ever felt. I have been in love with live music ever since.

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Say Hello to Wood Rabbit

Posted 04.14.15 by Erika

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Tempe. I work here, I hang out here - I am just here a lot. With spending as much time in downtown as I do, I’ve had the time to get familiar with the area. I know the side streets and back alleys and odd little hideaways that don’t get much foot traffic. I know how to find whatever ambiance anyone is looking for and the best time to be there. But there is one aspect of downtown that I don’t think I know well enough. That is some of the usual characters that share the district with me. The Regulars. I am talking about the buskers, and the street artists, and all around interesting people. I decided that I wanted to introduce myself to some of the folks that you and I see here all the time. And I decided I would introduce them to you all too.