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There is Nothing NOT Wonderful About This Magical Place!

Posted 07.11.18 by Lori

If you’ve spent any time in Downtown Tempe and on Mill Avenue in particular during the last 49 years, then you have definitely seen, walked by or been into Lotions & Potions. Located just north of the Starbucks at 5th & Mill, they have been sending sweet smells out of their doors since before Lush was even an idea back in the UK...

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New Business: A Market Off Mill

Posted 09.07.17 by Lori

Shanel Smith has been intrigued by live/work spaces since she first saw them as a child in New York City. When she saw the live/work spaces at the Residences on Farmer (on Farmer Avenue, just north of University Drive), she knew she had found her Tempe home – a home to live in and one in which to start her new work chapter.

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The Power of the Inbox -- 5 Rules to Follow

Posted 08.23.16 by Miranda

It's 2016 -- our inboxes are saturated, our spam filters are cranked up and we just don't have the time to open every single email that pops up in the neverending list. So how do we leverage the power of our inboxes in order to make our email marketing irresistible? The Marketing Symposium series continued last week, as Eric Olsen of Fasturtle, was so gracious to spend some time with Tempe area businesses to share his expertise on just that -- The Power of the Inbox.


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5 Ways to Revive Your PR Strategy

Posted 08.10.16 by Miranda

With the advent of the internet and the death of traditional mass media came a shift in reaching our audiences. Now we can tell our own story and connect with influencers, bloggers and journalists who can make a big impact on our businesses and with our online reputations. That's exciting, right? We recently had the pleasure of learning how to influencers customers with some pretty simple modern PR strategies from 2 of the best in the ever elusive world of PR. Toni Smith, Communications Manager for Tempe Tourism and Christine Bailey, Author and Business Strategist. So let's get down to it...

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Marketing Symposium Series: Digital Marketing 101

Location: Lucid Agency

Posted 07.06.16 by Miranda

Every other week in Downtown Tempe, we celebrate Hump Day by gathering with local business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals for marketing insight that would is typically very time consuming to gather and study, or fairly expensive to obtain from industry professionals. We recently had the pleasure of noshing on Delice Bistro's perfectly boxed lunches while getting a glimpse into the world of Digital Marketing from Lucid Agency's very own, Stefanie Conroy. Before I get into the nuts and bolts, I'd like to congratulate Stefanie on her recent marriage to her high school sweetheart <3

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New Biz Alert: AC Hotel

Location: AC Hotel Phoenix Tempe / Downtown

Posted 06.13.16 by Lori

“No great conversation ever started over a salad” Kara DeNardo said to me within minutes of meeting her for the first time.

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Marketing Symposium Series: Marketing and Communications Planning

Posted 06.08.16 by Miranda

Another Wednesday in Downtown Tempe = another insightful Marketing Symposium from one of the best in the biz. Last week's topic -- Marketing and Communications Planning. Not gonna lie...I've missed a few of the Marketing Symposiums for various reasons, but I knew this was one I absolutely had to attend because this is my job, all day every day! The presenter was Jenn Maggiore with Red Balloon, who I had previously met on a video project with Bright Brothers

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How to Work From Home Like a Boss

Posted 05.31.16 by Aminda

Ahhh yes, working from home… one of the sweet, sweet fruits of the internet. If you have a 9-5, I’m sure the thought of occasionally working from home makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, right?

Don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy some characteristics of the office environment (the whole bagels-for-everyone-in-the-kitchen thing, free coffee, unlimited access to office supplies to stay supes organized, to name a few) and I do think being physically present is important for certain projects. Let’s be real though, working from home can be a life saver because you're free of distracting office chatter, long meetings, and the expectation of doing your hair and makeup.

There are pros and cons to having freedom to work in your pajamas. The trick to W.F.H. is finding that perfect balance of comfort and efficiency to maximize your productivity, you know - to make sure you don't just goof off all day. Luckily, my wish of working from home has been granted (one day per week), so I have been perfecting my working-from-home skills. Here are a few important components to pay attention to while working from home. 

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Why You Should be Googly-eyed about Google

Posted 05.09.16 by Lori

If you’ve ever wondered why Phoenicia Café, Pita Jungle and Hummus Xpress are the only three businesses that turn up on your phone in your Google query for mediterranean food tempe as you are walking back from a meeting at the Tempe Transportation Center at 5th Street and Forest, you’re probably like me and thought it’s because those three businesses have paid big bucks to Google to make that happen – but that is not the case at all.

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Marketing Symposium Series: Survive the Summer

Location: Tempe Mission Palms

Posted 04.27.16 by Aminda

We all know it’s a different world out there once those triple digit temperatures hit. Everything changes – from what you wear, what you eat, what time of day you go out, and the list goes on. If you’re a business owner in the desert, you know that this season changes the way you run things around your shop as well. Last week we held the fourth marketing symposium class of the series, where Alison from Tempe Mission Palms presented some valuable tips on how your business can “Survive the Summer” here in Downtown Tempe.

Here are a few of my favorite pointers on how to keep your biz movin’ on up, just like the temps.

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8 Things to Consider When Assessing Your Marketing

Posted 03.23.16 by Miranda

In partnership with some of the best creative and marketing professionals in the Valley, and thanks to support from APS, we kicked off our 2nd Annual Marketing Symposium Series last week with Bright Brothers Strategy Group. We learned that we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves! Seriously…did you know that marketing is not about yelling, that Delice Bistro has mouth-watering almond croissants, that emails are REALLY important, and that Facebook loves videos? Just in case you missed out, here are 8 takeaways from “Check Yourself! Marketing Audits to Assess Your Assets”.

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Julian Wright is a Funny Guy

Places Mentioned: The Handlebar Tempe, La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Posted 06.18.15 by Lori

La Bocca Urban Pizzeria & Wine Bar, The Handlebar, Gringo Star Street Bar and soon, Pedal Haus       

Owner: Julian Wright

For a guy from Pennsylvania, Julian sure does know a lot about what people like in Arizona. The ASU grad opened his first business on Mill Avenue (Jax Thai Bar) in 2000 and has since followed up in Downtown Tempe with the Library Bar & Grill (closed 2010), Canteen Modern Tequila Bar, La Bocca Pizzeria + Wine Bar, The Handlebar, Gringo Star Street Bar and is soon to open his newest concept, the bicycle friendly nanobrewery Pedal Haus. 

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Steady Mobbin'

Posted 05.11.15 by Miranda

With temperatures rising and soon to be in the triple digits for 3 consecutive months, residents from around the valley are putting together their summer game plans while visitors are planning their summer vacations everywhere else except for the desert. Those of us who have survived the blazing summers know the drill – we stay inside, we get out of town, or we staycation. But how do our small downtown businesses survive? Some may have the luxury of closing for a month during the summer, while some may adjust to summer hours, but for many…the struggle is REAL. The reality is, many restaurants, bars and retail shops are empty – bustling streets turn into ghost towns, business is slooooooww, and a lot of employees lose hours.

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The Earls of Mill Avenue

Posted 05.08.15 by Lori

Owners: Sam Colvin (& Michael Finegold), Earl of Sandwich

Opened:  2015

Sam & Michael, recent graduates of ASU, fraternity brothers and now businessmen, have opened up The Earl of Sandwich next door to the Valley Art Theatre on Mill Avenue. The franchised store is named in homage to the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who invented the sandwich in 1762.  It’s only fitting that a district that has a ginormous number of delicious sandwich shops can now claim a member of the nobility. We are, after all, very good at producing and consuming sandwiches around here. But before you write them off as just another sandwich shop, consider this: they are open for breakfast offering breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit yogurt parfaits and muffins. Oh, and dinner too: fresh pastas, pizza breads and stuffed baked potatoes. Did I mention beer and wine?  Sam sat down to answer a few questions for me and I’m still waiting on Michael to sit down to do the same.  Michael?  Oh that’s right, he’s up to his elbows in sandwich royalty right now. Michael is the one in red, so at least you know what he looks like. Say hi when you see him and tell him he needs to meet up with Lori and answer her questions.

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Standing on the Corner with Julie Kent

Places Mentioned: Postino Wine Cafe, Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Posted 04.20.15 by Lori

Owner: Julie Kent

Opened:  2005 (Julie has owned it for 3 years)

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Profile: NCounter

Location: Ncounter

Posted 04.14.15 by Lori

Owner: Kathy Coker

Opened: 2011

Thom and Kathy Coker are the Arizona natives that opened up TC Eggington’s in Mesa and just couldn’t stop thinking about breakfast. Or Tempe (since they live here). So they opened up Ncounter in downtown Tempe at the corner of 3rd Street and Mill Avenue.  Open for breakfast and lunch, you can’t miss their industrial gray and orange signage or their usually packed patio. They are open at 7 am seven days a week and close at 3:05 pm (yes, they even give you a 5 minute grace period!).


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Profile: Cactus Sports

Location: Cactus Sports

Posted 04.13.15 by Lori

Owner: Troy Scoma

Opened: 1992

Cactus Sports is a community staple located at 514 South Mill Avenue between 5th & 6th Streets. Founded, owned and operated by ASU Alumni since 1992, every purchase made through Cactus Sports results in royalties that help support Arizona State University. Think local, buy local, be local!