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Chat With a Downtown Tempe Resident

Places Mentioned: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Hanover Mill Avenue, House of Tricks Restaurant, Pedal Haus Brewery, Rula Bula Irish Pub & Restaurant, Tempe Town Lake

Posted 06.06.16 by Aminda

We hung out with Barb, a resident of Downtown Tempe, to pick her brain about urban living. We talked about things like where she does her grocery shopping, why she moved downtown, and even got a tour of her beautiful apartment at The Hanover.

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4 Residents That Love #DTUrbanLiving!

Posted 03.25.16 by Miranda

You may have heard about Downtown Tempe's 2nd Annual Urban Living Tour. This is a self-guided tour, where guests are invited to explore urban living options in Downtown Tempe on foot, bicycle, or by trolley! The tour is designed for participants to get a true feel for urban living, as each property is located within close proximity to the heart of Downtown Tempe and the Valley Metro Light Rail. In addition to urban living options, we wanted to give people an opportunity to "meet" Downtown Tempe residents that truly exemplify urban living. We reached out to several familiar faces to see what they had to say about living in Downtown Tempe and here's what they had to say...

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The End of an Era for Campus Corner

Posted 01.28.16 by Kate

A couple of months ago, a truck stopped on Mill Avenue and loaded up all the remaining ASU t-shirts, snacks, postcards, and other items...went the long distance over to College Avenue to fully stock the remaining branch of Campus Corner. For Mike Jennings, this was step one in closing his business of 26 years. We chatted with Mike about the history of Campus Corner, what it meant for him to close his doors, and what he plans to do next. 

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Silly Walk Down the Ave

Posted 06.12.15 by Erika

Mill Avenue is a busy street. The hustle and bustle of the cars, cyclists, and pedestrians all navigating around each other mean that there’s a lot to look at when you’re on the street. It can be easy to lose sight of the finer details of one's surroundings when there's so much going on. But there is one small detail that I don't want you to miss. 

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Take a Ride with Monti

Posted 05.26.15 by Danielle

I went for a ride with Monti recently -- he's the driver of Downtown Tempe’s Free Lunchtime Trolley. I'm sure you know about it…the big red trolley with the colorful Downtown Tempe branding on the’s very easy to spot. Monti’s smiling face will greet you from 10:30am-2:30pm Monday through Friday. And I'm serious about his face...he is always smiling! He has been driving the trolley since its inception in July 2014. Having driven lots of folks over the past year, it’s only befitting of his unofficial role as an ambassador for Downtown Tempe. “I’ve had folks from China, Poland, Uzbekistan, and all over the world board this trolley. Some folks are just curious and want to check it out. Others, well...I see them almost every week", Monti said.