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7 Things to Look Forward to at Tempe Festival of the Arts

Posted 11.02.16 by Miranda

The Tempe Festival of the Arts has been around forever – I’m sure you’ve been to it at least once, and if you haven’t, I know you’ve at least heard of it…right? Anyway, do you know that feeling you get when you’ve gone to an event year after year and nothing ever changes…and part of you loves that tradition, but another part of you wishes there was something new and different? Me too! This fall, the 48th Annual Tempe Festival of the Arts is giving us life with all the old faves plus some new additions that we’re sure to fall in love with and add to the list of things we look forward to each year. Here are 7 things to look forward to, old and new! 

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8 Events to Fall for in November

Posted 10.26.16 by Miranda

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5 Spots to Chill at Before an ASU Home Game

Places Mentioned: C.A.S.A Tempe, Tempe Mission Palms, Wells Fargo Arena

Posted 10.07.16 by Aminda

My coworker decided to show me the ropes around town before my first ever ASU game! Here was our route before arriving at the Wells Fargo Arena.

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7 Events to Attend in October to Avoid FOMO

Posted 09.22.16 by Miranda

October is the perfect month to be in Downtown Tempe. We're coming out of 3-4 months of triple digit heat and we can begin to spend time outdoors again. If you're looking to avoid a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out), you'll want to go ahead and add these events to your calendar:

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4 Irish Essentials You Need To Include In Your St. Patrick's Day Celebrations

Posted 03.16.16 by Aminda

St. Paddy’s Day is tomorrow and to celebrate, we’re breaking down 4 authentic Irish elements that you just have to include in your celebrations this year. On top of hitting you with some Irish knowledge, we’ll even tell you where to partake in these Irish traditions right here in Downtown Tempe this St. Paddy’s Day!

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Halloween is Sadly Behind Us!

Posted 11.03.15 by Kate

Yes, the streets were packed with folks of every age enjoying the liveliness around them, but I wondered whether or not we should offer them something more to do.  I’m speculating here, but it appeared that all the businesses were booming, and from the looks of the ATM line, people were happily spending in Downtown Tempe.  And we love to see that!  But outside of the bars and restaurants, there were no outdoor activities.  I would like to hear from you …

What is the best thing about Halloween on Mill Avenue?

What, if anything, would you like to see added to the night next year?

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Game Day Starts Here

Posted 09.11.15

Get ready Sun Devil fans! The road to the National Championship has started for college football around the country, and before you know it, two teams will be swarming to the Valley for the National Championship game at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

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5 Tips for Surthriving at Summer Ends

Posted 09.09.15 by Miranda

We know, we've been to a couple of music festivals this summer and you know what to do (rolling eyes). If you have attended several music festivals, you know that they're all different and offer unique experiences. We want the Summer Ends Music Festival to be the highlight of your summer music festival season, so we've put together a few tips that will not only help you survive the festival weekend, but ultimately thrive (dare I say surthrive?)!

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Christmas in July

Posted 07.30.15 by Danielle

Planning an event forces one to think in the future --  sometimes a year ahead and other times several years in advance...yikes! That can be very troublesome for some, given the constant pressure to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now. YOLO, right? For me, planning events is both a blessing and a curse -- while I love planning events and seeing so many different elements come together, a regular stroll down the sidewalk or leisure time in the park turns into visions of tents, food trucks, and many possibilities! Welcome to the life of an event planner!

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What's a Brunch Crawl?

Places Mentioned: Blasted Barley Beer Company, Postino Wine Cafe

Posted 07.14.15 by Erika

This month – and this one is exciting – we’re taking you on a “tour” of some of the newest and most popular brunch spots.  If there is one area where Downtown Tempe shines - its brunch.  The Brunch Crawl is a compilation of all of the breakfast spots that I’m sure you’ve been meaning to check out, or have been meaning to check out again. It’s a way for you to nosh your way through three super popular, award winning restaurants and to not break the bank, or your belly.

This is a rare opportunity to try sample sizes and small-bites plates of some of these restaurants most popular items. There’s no need to commit to full sized, appetite-satisfying plates and ruin your whole crawl – you get to try everything! And don’t worry, the drinks are full sized.

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A Tourist in My Own Downtown

Places Mentioned: Hayden Flour Mill, House of Tricks Restaurant, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe Center for the Arts

Posted 05.22.15 by Lori

Once a month, I have the pleasure of taking Downtown Tempe’s Safe-T-Patrol and Ground Support teams on a Familiarization tour. These FAM Tours are a blast! I get to spend some quality time with the people who work so hard to keep our downtown clean & safe, and I also get to be a tourist of the city in which I live and work. Not a bag gig, huh? I know you’ve seen the guys in bright yellow shirts – they're your Safe-T-Patrol. Hopefully you’ve noticed the folks in red shirts as well – that’s your Ground Support team. Together the two teams act as ambassadors for Downtown Tempe.

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Steady Mobbin'

Posted 05.11.15 by Miranda

With temperatures rising and soon to be in the triple digits for 3 consecutive months, residents from around the valley are putting together their summer game plans while visitors are planning their summer vacations everywhere else except for the desert. Those of us who have survived the blazing summers know the drill – we stay inside, we get out of town, or we staycation. But how do our small downtown businesses survive? Some may have the luxury of closing for a month during the summer, while some may adjust to summer hours, but for many…the struggle is REAL. The reality is, many restaurants, bars and retail shops are empty – bustling streets turn into ghost towns, business is slooooooww, and a lot of employees lose hours.

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Bridging the Gap

Location: Tempe Center for the Arts

Posted 04.24.15 by Miranda

About 8 months I got called into my boss’s office to watch a video. The content was intriguing – young chefs, unique spaces, communal dining, and 5 course meals…I wanted to know more immediately! She was explaining a trendy pop-up dining concept that I now know as Dinner Lab. I remember Kate’s excitement as she asked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had that here?!”

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Urban Living Tour

Posted 04.14.15 by Danielle

Just a few weeks ago, we hosted an Urban Living Tour in Downtown Tempe. This was a totally new event for us and for Downtown Tempe in general. We prepared for weeks in advance, talking to homeowners and realtors all over town to secure some amazing urban living spaces for the tour. The weather was fabulous, the tour attendees were excited, and Tempe...well, you were the star of the show!

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My Big Fat Wine Tasting

Posted 04.14.15 by Erika

Before I begin, I must admit that I do not consider myself a wine connoisseur. I don’t even consider myself someone with a more-than-mild interest in wine for that matter. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll have a glass now and then, but my selection process usually comes down to me pointing to random words on a wine list, following suit with whatever my acquaintances are ordering or simply saying “…get me something red?” So when my coworkers and I were invited to the re-launch of Wine Tastings at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant I wasn’t so sure that I was the ideal demographic for such an event. But I like The Greek and we were personally invited by the person throwing this whole shindig – My Big Fat Greeks’ marketing guru, Madison. So I was in!