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How Out-of-Town Visitors Benefit Downtown Tempe and Tempe Residents

Posted 10.03.17 by Miranda

Did you know that millions of out-of-town visitors come to Tempe each year?

Recently, the Tempe Tourism Office released the findings from a comprehensive research project, conducted by Tourism Economics, that details the economic impact of the tourism industry in Tempe. The results of this survey revealed that approximately 3.7 million travelers spend $730 million in Tempe annually. When combining that amount of direct spending with indirect and induced impacts, tourism in Tempe generated $1 billion in total business sales.

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5 Ways for ASU Students to Stay Sane This Fall

Posted 08.16.17 by Miranda

It's that time of year again...another academic year and another clean slate for our beloved ASU student population -- this one is for you Sun Devils!

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March Event Supports Tempe's Homeless

Posted 03.20.17

On any given day, an estimated 300 to 500 Tempe residents call the streets of our city their “home.” Some sleep in their cars – if they are lucky enough to own one.

Tempe Community Action Agency (TCAA) operates the only homeless shelter resource in City of Tempe. In partnership with 10 local faith organizations and more than 800 volunteers, its Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP) provides 560 men and women annually a warm meal, a safe place to sleep each night and a pathway out of homelessness to financial independence. The program shelters 40 people in Tempe each night, seven nights per week, 365 days per year. Sixty-eight percent of those entering I-HELP became homeless in the past 90 days; 20 percent report they are a victim of domestic violence; and 29 percent have some type of disability.

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Tis the get involved

Posted 11.12.16 by Erika

If an event was a play, they would be the stage hands. If an event was restaurant, they would be the chef. Everything they do is behind the scenes - while you may not notice when they are there, you would surely take note of their absence. Who am I talking about? Volunteers, of course. 

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Working in Downtown Tempe and the Endless Possibilities!

Posted 08.15.16 by Jesus

What’s it like to work in Downtown Tempe, you may ask? Well, we set out to find an answer to this question and we found it!

We tagged along for lunch with Nancie Lopez (pictured below) and her friend Gabriela Rubalcaba (pictured walking with Nancie) who both work in Downtown Tempe. We had them pick their favorite lunch spot and ended up chatting over some tacos at El Hefe. Since they have an hour and a half for lunch time (lucky gals!) we decided to tag along for their entire lunch expedition. Yes, they have time for lunch and other activities... sign us up for that job!

DTA: So, Nancie, what is your favorite part about working in Downtown Tempe? Be honest, if you don't like it, don't lie to us! 

Nancie: Do you think if I didn't like it I would have agreed to this interview? Well, it's nice to be able to leave the office and find something to do. Even if that "something" is just walking around Mill or chilling out and reading a book by the lake, it's nice having a ton of options so close! I don't have to drive anywhere for food -- the possibilities for lunch time are endless and since we don't drive anywhere, we have time for other activities. 

DTA: Awesome! We're glad you mentioned food... that leads us to the next question! What places do you hit up for awesome lunch deals? 

Nancie: Well, by this point, we seem to gravitate to the same 3 places: Slices, Med Fresh, and El Hefe. We do spice it up from time to time though. When we are feeling indecisive we hop on the lunchtime trolley and just hop off when we see somewhere that looks good -  there's a always a new place to try. But we usually return to our go-to rotation.. ha!

DTA: All of those places are delicious - we don't blame you! Well, after satisfying hunger, what do you do after?

Nancie: We go shopping! 

DTA: Cool - what places do you like to shop at? 

Nancie: Well, we love to stop by Urban Outfitters. We also love to stop by Pitaya and try really hard not to spend all of our paychecks... 

DTA: Alright, well, we talked about everything that you love here already, what would want here that you don't already have? 

Nancie: We already have a lot of food options, but a "Whole Foods" would be awesome.

DTA: Funny you say that... a Whole Foods is going to show up soon!
But alright, let's not end on that note, what is the your absolute favorite part of working down here?

Nancie: We get free parking for Mill at night. We have a tradition we call the "holy trinity" for Downtown Tempe at night. 

DTA: The holy trinity? What is that... should we even ask? 

Nancie: The holy trinity: Cue Club, C.A.S.A, El Hefe - we start at Cue Club, move on to C.A.S.A, then end up at El Hefe to finish off the night. Oh, and Spinillis or Slices for some good pizza afterwards. 

DTA: Wow - that sounds like a blast! Glad you both like working down here!

In summary, working in Downtown Tempe means you can enjoy a good job, have a ton of restaurants to pick from for lunch, go shopping, and have a fun night all in one place. Oh, and you get free parking. 

So, tell us, do you have your own night-time ritual? A holy trinity of your own? Let us know! Don't forget to tag #DowntownTempe so we can see all the fun you have during lunch time and after hours. We can't wait to see!




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4 Facts about Care 7

Posted 08.08.16 by Aminda

CARE 7 is a 24-hour crisis response partnership with Tempe's Fire Medical Rescue and Police departments to provide on-scene emotional support and follow-up to community members facing trauma. Care 7 is one of the 5 beneficiaries of the Tempe Mission campaign, our mission to raise 100,000 in one year to help the homeless. Needless to say, a lot goes into what Care 7 does, but here are 5 quick intro tidbits about the Care 7 operation.

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5 Things You Need to Know About I-HELP

Posted 07.26.16 by Miranda

Maybe you've heard of I-HELP (Tempe's homeless shelter program) but if you haven't, here are 5 things you need to know about the important Tempe-based program! 

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Meet the Candidates

Posted 03.04.16 by Miranda

With the Tempe Election right around the corner, we asked candidates running for Tempe City Council about some issues affecting Downtown Tempe. Check out what Kolby Granville, Phil Amorosi, and Irina Baroness von Behr had to say.

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Parking Day

Posted 09.18.15 by Danielle

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Intersection - 7th & College

Location: College Avenue Commons

Posted 06.09.15 by Kate

I have always loved the concept of an intersection. The crossing of paths where vehicles, bicycles, and people are coming from different places, connecting in a defined space, and then proceeding in various directions.

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Learn How to Market Your Business From the Best

Posted 05.12.15 by Miranda

It’s no secret that Downtown Tempe has undergone something of a renaissance recently with new businesses, hotels, eateries and opportunities cropping up around every corner. Marketing and creative agencies have become particularly well-represented in the area in recent years, and in a rare moment of collaboration, they’ve taken an unprecedented first step to team up with us for the greater good. Team work makes the dream work, right? 

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I Want the Streetcar

Posted 04.27.15 by Kate

I’m not sure, but I think 2007 was my first time in Portland -- I had to go for a conference. At that time, I knew very little about public transportation...I was basically an event planner. My local Alderman had put me on a mission to get pictures of the Portland Streetcar since I was headed that way. He was advocating for a Streetcar and wanted photos for upcoming presentations. At that point, Portland was in construction of their first extension to their system. I got to the airport and took the light rail to downtown’s Pioneer Square (I heard about these small restaurateurs serving food out of short buses and I had to see for myself. Remember, I was an event planner). I laughed at the irony when the easiest route to my hotel was on the Streetcar, so I jumped on the Portland Streetcar and started shooting photos. Yes, I felt like a nerdy tourist.

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Start Here

Posted 04.14.15 by Kate

Sometimes a place can impress itself so greatly upon you that you see the layers of time flipping forward and backward. Standing at Rio Salado and Mill Avenue, I always get a glimpse into a larger story. 

First, it all started here. This is where commerce started, this was the connection to other emerging cities, this was Tempe’s commencement.  And so this is also the origin of the grid. Do the numbers and Rio Salado is 1st Street, for all intense and purposes. The City grew out and you see that build as you walk South down Mill Avenue.

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Every Citizen Should Do This...

Posted 04.13.15 by Kate

I am a regular ordinary citizen, just like most of you reading this.  I had the opportunity to be that regular citizen on a panel for the oral boards for two Tempe Police Department testing processes.  First, I sat in on Officers who were testing to become a Sergeant and then for Lieutenants testing to be a Commander.   The procedure was similar for both boards, candidates were given questions a few minutes prior to the interview and then had a set amount of time to answer the questions.  Some questions were logistical, “what do you do if all officers are out responding to calls when a traffic accident occurs” and some were theoretical, “how do we apply our strategic plan to daily training.”  (These aren’t actual questions used by the way, just examples).    We couldn’t interact with them; they just had to talk for 25-45 minutes.  They had to make sure they tracked their time and answered each of the questions, and this proved to be the most difficult for some of them.