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Tempe Music

Posted 04.14.15 by Danielle

Do you remember the very first time you saw a live music event?  I’m not talking about at church with the choir and the organist...I mean a real music gig -- like at a community festival or ticketed show. I remember my first concert, and that is was weird. It was weird because I had never “seen” music played before. Listening to it on the radio or at home on my cassette player (yes I’m a child of the 80’s) was one thing, but to see it LIVE was a totally different experience unlike anything I had ever felt. I have been in love with live music ever since.

So now that 80’s child is all grown up and has a day job with the directive to put live music on the streets of Downtown Tempe. How exciting?! Tempe has such a rich history in music and we want to embrace that and keep it going. There have been lots of names over the years - Bag It Lunch Series, Music On Mill, Tempe Music Revival, and now...just simply Tempe Music. No matter what it’s called, it’s always been and will continue to be about the music.

Currently, Tempe Music is 7 weeks into the 9 week schedule of programmed live music on the streets in Downtown Tempe. Have you been able to catch Chuck E Baby and the All-Stars at lunch on a Friday? He’s a Tempe staple and can sweet talk a mic like nobody else. Or how about the fabulous Allegro String Quartet as you're leaving the office or enjoying a patio happy hour on Thursdays? And let’s not forget about the jazz….this is jazz your dad would kill to hear and it’s right here in Downtown Tempe! A typical beautiful sunny day suddenly turns into a pop-up concert as you're are walking along and stumble upon the Joe Corral Trio nestled into the space between Valley Art and My Big Fat Greek. 

You're still in luck if you haven’t experienced Tempe Music yet. Come out on Thursdays from 4:30 - 6pm or Fridays between 12:30 - 2pm until the end of April. Somewhere in Downtown Tempe there will be 2 bands playing each day. Don’t worry, the heat may drive us indoors eventually, but just as Sonny and Cher sang in 1967..."the beat goes on".

BTW -- it was a Chicago & The Beach Boys circa 1988 at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, OH...and it was magical! Go ahead...laugh all you want ; )