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My Big Fat Wine Tasting

Posted 04.14.15 by Erika

Before I begin, I must admit that I do not consider myself a wine connoisseur. I don’t even consider myself someone with a more-than-mild interest in wine for that matter. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll have a glass now and then, but my selection process usually comes down to me pointing to random words on a wine list, following suit with whatever my acquaintances are ordering or simply saying “…get me something red?” So when my coworkers and I were invited to the re-launch of Wine Tastings at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant I wasn’t so sure that I was the ideal demographic for such an event. But I like The Greek and we were personally invited by the person throwing this whole shindig – My Big Fat Greeks’ marketing guru, Madison. So I was in!

The DTA crew and I showed up to The Greek and were met with a very impressive display. The Greeks’ patio was decked out that evening with black tablecloths, an array of wine glasses, a presentation of all the wines we were about to try, and twinkle lights – so many twinkle lights. Clearly, we were still in the familiar ol’ Greek that I’ve been to many times before, but this looked like the patio was all dressed up for a special night out. The tasting area managed to feel exclusive while maintaining a great view of a chill Wednesday evening Mill Avenue.

All of the wine tastings at The Greek have open seating, so prepare to make a friend or two when you go. Once my group picked our places, I was able to see the layout of everything on the table. Each setting gets two wine glasses – one for reds and one for whites – and a placemat guiding you through all of the wines available that night. Everyone got their own plate of appetizers including olives, some cheeses, a little hunk of watermelon, and pita.

 Then came the pours!

The wines were presented and poured by reps from The Greeks’ wine distributors. So if anyone knew the complete ins-and-outs of what we were about to drink, it was these guys. If you’re a wine nerd, I’m certain they could have talked about tannins and body and all of the other wine words to your heart’s content. As a wine novice, I appreciated their ability to gauge the fact I really didn’t know much about tannins and body and all of the other wine words and just wanted to try some wine. Most of the wines featured were – you guessed it- Greek. So if you want to venture out of beyond your usuals, this would be a really good opportunity to do so. The tasting comes with samples of 3 whites, 3 reds, a complimentary glass of your new fave, and (if you really like something you tried) the opportunity to buy any of the featured wines at 50% off. The wine guys were super friendly and paced everything just right, making for an overall really awesome experience.

The Greek holds Wine Tastings on the last Wednesday of every month. It’s $15 in advance and $20 at the door.