State of Downtown


The State of Downtown is our annual event that showcases what we have been up to all year long as well as what we have up our sleeves for the coming year. 

The 2017 State of Downtown took place November 1st at F.A.B.R.I.C.  with an excellent keynote address by Jason Schupbach, a short Fashion Show, and a brief presentation regarding the achievements of our organization.  

In addition, we held the third annual Impact Awards.  These awards are given to business, people, programs and events that contribute greatly to the success of our downtown.  Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners!


2017 Impact Award Winners:

Business Community Impact
Business initiatives, with both large and small businesses, that promote the development of the Downtown Tempe Business Community.  Examples include a new business that offers something new or a historic business that has been steadily adding vibrancy to the district.
•    F.A.B.R.I.C.


Cultural Impact
Programs and Events that improved the image, vibe, and cultural vitality of Downtown Tempe.  Examples include events, performances, street activations, or cultural venues that are doing creative programming.
•    ASU Ceramics Research Center


Economic Impact
Programs, Events, and Developments that have increased Downtown Tempe's economic vitality.  Examples include a new development that increases residential opportunities, companies that are increasing the number of jobs available, or events that draw people and bring an economic boom to the area.
•    State Farm/Marina Heights


Environmental Impact
Organizations and Projects that exemplify environmentally sustainable practices in Downtown Tempe.  Examples include a transit project, bike initiative, or a development exceeding green standards.
•    GR:D Bikes


Social Impact
Individuals or Groups who make outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes in Downtown Tempe.  Examples include individuals who volunteer their time, companies that encourage philanthropic acts, or social service agencies that are leading the way in positive social change.  
•    Margaret Hunnicutt, TCAA Immediate Past Board President


Iconic Businesses
Businesses that have been present within the district for many years helping to shape the sense of place.  These are businesses that have become institutions, have weathered the test of time, contribute to the economic vitality, add distinction to the business community, and have enhanced the culture of Downtown Tempe.  This is a new category in 2017 as our organization approaches its 25th anniversary and looks to publicly recognize those businesses that have invested time and energy into the district.  
•    House of Tricks


Downtown Event
Events taking place in Downtown Tempe that are successful as economic drivers, are unique opportunities for local and visitor engagement and embody the spirit of Tempe.  
•    Tour de Fat



Previous Award Winners:

Business Community Impact
2016 Recipient - Silicon Valley Bank
2015 Recipient - Julian Wright

Cultural Impact
2016 Recipient - Four Peaks
2015 Recipient - Walt Richardson

Economic Impact
2016 Recipient - Gammage Auditorium|
2015 Recipient - Sunbelt Holdings

Environmental Impact
2016 Recipient - City of Tempe - Tempe Town Lake Dam Repair
2015 Recipient - ASU for College Avenue Commons

Social Impact
2016 Recipient - Tempe Police Department
2015 Recipient - Mike Jennings

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Ken McKenzie, DTA Board Member, Mission Palms General Manager, Awarded 2016
ASU School of Architecture, Tempe Town Lake Project, Awarded 2016