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Clean & Safe

Clean & Safe

Keeping Downtown Tempe safe and clean for all visitors and residents is our top priority, and it’s the job of the Safe-T-Patrol guides and Ground Support crew to do exactly that. If you see something that needs Ground Support attention, please fill out a Maintenance Request Form.

Safety Patrol Guides

As goodwill ambassadors for Downtown Tempe, the Safe-T-Patrol Guides are here to welcome and enhance the experience for residents, visitors and employees in Downtown Tempe. They provide an enhanced security presence on the streets, and patrol on foot and bicycle, seven days a week. The Safe-T-Patrol Guides are ultimately here to help you. Whether you need directions, have questions about the area, or need recommendations for shopping, dining, area attractions, or events, our Safe-T-Patrol Guides will be able to help. For assistance, call 480.894.1800.

Ground Support

A clean and safe Downtown Tempe is our top priority. In addition to keeping Downtown Tempe looking beautiful, the Ground Support crew is a great resource of information. Downtown Tempe's very own custodial team is responsible for keeping the public right-of-way looking clean and pristine. Day and night, the Ground Support crew works diligently while assisting residents and visitors every step of the way.


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