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Sponsorships & Contributions

Because community events create a sense of place, an opportunity to create family memories and engage with local businesses.

Our programming is designed to engage our residents and visitors with the downtown and create a sense of belonging.  We curate programs so that there is something for everyone ... families, retirees, young professionals, all cultures, races and gender identities.   We need your support to make this happen.  Check out all the opportunities below check back because our events are always changing, and so are the ways that you can contribute.   Below are the events on the immediate horizon. 

Tempe Festival of the Arts

December 2-4, 2022 we will host the 54th  Annual Tempe Festival of the Arts. This event brings over 350 working artists to our community for us to support and learn from.   The event showcases local youth artists, Emerging Arizona artists, local musicians and small businesses who are enriching our worlds through their commitment to creation and innovation.   

WHY should you support this? Because communities need long-running events to create a sense of place and creation fuels our souls.  This is about the connectivity to people who put their passion into their lives and then graciously share it with us. It's about honoring that together and instilling a love for culture in the next generation of Tempe residents.

Tempe Arts Festival Sponsorship Deck


Fantasy of Lights

For decades, families have come to the two unique Fantasy of Lights events. 

We kick off the holiday season with the Street Parade & Tree Lighting Ceremony which is an evening street parade that circles Downtown Tempe and ends at Centerpoint with our 35 foot holiday tree.  

Two weeks later we do something that only we can do - a Boat Parade - on Tempe Town Lake. The boat parade features around 40 decked out boats motoring in procession around Tempe Town Lake, followed by fireworks.  Also, this event is filled with food vendors, local artisans, and more making it a great way to spend an afternoon with your family.   

Fantasy of Lights Sponsorship Deck

WHY Support these events? Because tradition is important. Generations have attended this parade with their children. There is no better place to see hundreds of children with a look of wonderment.  Your support keeps this event free for our entire community.


Check back in January 2023 for more ways to support our activations.   


Thank you to our Fall 2022 event sponsors







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