Geeks' Night Out


  • Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 5pm - 10pm

LOCATION: 6th Street Park - 24 E 6th St

EVENT CATEGORY: Arts & Entertainment

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February 21:  Get your light sabers ready for the second annual Geeks’ Night Out at 6th Street Park which celebrates the high volume of tech jobs throughout Tempe. Catch the Phoenix Comicon Costume Contest & Photo Booth or chat with the Allied Paranormal Investigations Team. Try your hand at the multitude of games in the Gametruck, and keep your eyes peeled, the Arizona Ghostbusters can be spotted walking Mill Avenue. This event brings the best of Arizona technology to one venue including robot building, an inventor’s forum, comic book signing, fashion, everyday science and much more. The event runs from 5 to 10pm. Live music will be provided, with One Kitty Gone performing from 5:30-7pm, and A Life of Science going on from 7:30-9pm.

WHAT: Geeks’ Night Out
WHERE: 6th Street Park
WHEN: February 21, 5pm-10pm

All Third Thursdays events are FREE to the public.


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Third Thursdays are produced by the Downtown Tempe Community with the merchants of the Mill Avenue District.

Thursday, Feb. 21, 5-10 p.
Tempe is known for its technology companies, its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, and groundbreaking research at Arizona State University and many other colleges. And, of course, if there’s one thing Tempe knows, it’s how to throw a party.

In partnership with the Downtown Tempe Community, Arizona State University, LaunchSpot and the Business Journal, join us for Geeks’ Night Out – the Science of Fun. We’re blending science, technology and fun to celebrate the Arizona SciTech Festival. Best of all, everything is free.

Geeks are really important to Tempe. About 20 percent of the jobs in our city are tech-related. We are, perhaps, the most tech-heavy town in Arizona, depending on how you slice it. We love geeks. They're smart, fun and want to change the world for the better. They've cured diseases, built robots, and yes, even helped us get to Mars.

Help us celebrate all things GEEK! Be part of a very special Third Thursday on Mill Avenue on Feb. 21 from 5 to 10 p.m., themed to bring out the curiosity within. There’s science behind everything you love and we want to show you how it works. From science fiction to the business of science and everything in between, we’re celebrating how the world works. Join us. It’s fun, smart and very Tempe. Check out what's happening!


Geeks in Love!                                                                                                                                                                                Come out to Fat Tuesday's from 6-10pm where you can meet, mingle, and match with others. This is a great way to meet other singles.  Participants will receive 2 free drinks, as well as appetizers. The night will be broken up into 15 five minute mini-dates.  This is a ticketed event. For ticketing information, click here.

Phasers vs. Light Sabers?
Square off in the Pop Culture Paradise Beat the Geekcompetition. Topic: Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Win cool prizes with your supreme knowledge. We’ll take submitted questions to be considered for the battle of knowledge – email them to

Look up!
Learn more about stars, galaxies, nebulae and other celestial objects with ASU’s astronomy program. If conditions are right, you might spy the Rings of Saturn, a flare star or a globular cluster through one of their telescopes.

The Fulton School of Engineering at ASU is adding to the celebration with events at the Brickyard that are guaranteed to intrigue and could include a sampling of the many programs the school is known for, such as robot building and the Decision Theater.

Ghostly Fun
The Allied Paranormal Investigations Team will be at MADCAP showing the equipment they use in researching potential hauntings.
They’ll lead a tour of Monti’s Restaurant, reported to be haunted, at 8 p.m., if you sign up with them at their booth.

Makerville for Kids of all Ages
Bring the kids for Makerville, sponsored by Tempe Maker Bench, where they can try out tools used in manufacturing and building gadgets.

Brainiac Walk
Dress like your favorite inventor, invention or science project gone wrong or show off your Star Trek and Star Wars gear. Harkins is offering up prizes for great costumes. Strut your scientific stuff in front of MADCAP Theater and we’ll post your photo on our Flickr page. Art by

Food n Beverage
Like to eat? From beans and bananas to brews, we’ll show you how food happens - from compost in the field to groceries on the table. We’ll have a homebrew beer competition judged by Tempe’s best microbreweries, including Four Peaks, Dave's Electric and more. Try some of their craft beers while they judge what you might have brewed in your garage. And listen to music by bands with science backgrounds while you chew.

Aligning the Stars
Get your numerology or astrological readings. Don’t forget to cross the palm of your reader.

LaunchSpot Rapid Pitch presented by ASU Venture Catalyst
If you’re an inventor, you can show off your idea to someone who might help you bring it to market. A team of high-powered entrepreneurs, attorneys and marketing gurus will award expertise and potentially venture capital to the best
inventions and concepts to help bring them to market. Only a few of the best ideas will get to present. Tempe’s incubator, LaunchSpot, will review applications to narrow down the field to the top contenders.

Business Journal Success Panel
A panel of well-known entrepreneurs will share the stories of their success and relate what it takes to become a business leader today. Included in this panel are: Jaime Casap, Google; Steve Mihaylo, Inter-Tel and Crexendo; Jeff Pruitt, Tallwave; Matt Kim, QuantTerra and others.

Geeks Wanted: Tech Job Fair
Xhibit, Sitewire Marketspace, Terralever and other Tempe tech companies have openings for web developers, mobile app developers and even some sales and administrative positions. Come introduce yourself and find out if you have what it takes to work for some of the coolest companies in town.

Science Thursday
Hear renowned science writers from ASU talk about their books and buy science-oriented books for all ages from Changing Hands Books.

Everyday Science.
Health Spot
A Tempe company has developed machines that help stroke victims get their range of motion back. Another manufactures an implanted heart defibrillator. See the latest medical breakthroughs and if you like, you can donate blood, get a mammogram or a prostate screening. Schedule an appointment now.

Want to know where your water comes from and how it gets to your home? Tempe’s interactive watershed model demonstrates how water moves through the watershed and ends up coming out of your faucet when you turn on the tap. Come learn about the watershed and the Hydrological Cycle…..Did dinosaurs once drink the same water you brushed your teeth with this morning?

ERIC Knows Recycling
What goes in the blue barrel and what goes in the trash? What happens to an aluminum soda can after you drop it in the recycling bin? Meet ERIC, Tempe’s mobile Educational Recycling Information Center – a 38-foot trailer filled with innovative and interactive opportunities to learn about the recycling cycle.

What goes around comes around…
Learn about the science of composting and how Tempe is working with Singh Farms to turn the community’s green waste into nutrient-rich compost to enrich our neighborhood parks and gardens.

Chemistry in Your Storage Closet
Tempe’s Household Products Collection Center will demonstrate why you shouldn’t store your pool chemicals along with brake fluid in a cardboard box. Or why it’s not a good idea to have, say, cleaning supplies, paint thinner and paper towels on the same shelf. Many common household products can be dangerous – to your family, your pets and the environment – if not used, stored and disposed of properly. Learn more about how you can help protect the earth and your family by making smart choices about household products.

Very Tempe.
Are you a Tempe company with a science bend? We invite you to join us at MADCAP Theater. Bring your own booth and show how your product works. There is no charge, but you must preregister. Contact Kris Baxter-Ging (480 858-2059) or Amanda Nelson (480 350-2707) to reserve your spot.

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There are great opportunities ranging from $500 to $5,000. Contact Kris Baxter-Ging (480 858-2059) or Amanda Nelson (480 350-2707)

Our Newest Addition: Sunflower Market's screening of 'Food Matters' at 5:30pm and 7:30pm