In an effort to help our local purveyors, artisans, food vendors and makers, we are listing all vendors who have participated in the 6th Street Market this season. We encourage checking out their social media and/or websites to help support these small and home businesses. 

2019 - 2020 Artisans & Makers


Adam Rabbit Jewelry: Facebook, Instagram, Website

All the Tiny Pieces: FacebookWebsite

Barbed Wire Jewelry: Facebook, Instagram, Website

BD Designs: FacebookWebsite

It's a CIN-D Uniquely Crafted Jewelry: FacebookWebsite

Kimbajul: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Luciam Designs: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterWebsite

Mila & Stevie: Website

Moon Star Shop: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Natural Minx: Facebook

Sarah Madeline Jewelry: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Sora Silver: Facebook, Instagram

Verse Handmade: Instagram, Website

Crystal & Love: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Stone Zone: Facebook, Website

Living en Bermudas: Facebook, Instagram

Tribu Creations: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Love n' Lava Designs: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Pumehana Culture: Website

Corona Couture: Facebook

Hilali Jewelry: FacebookWebsite

Rael Cohen: Instagram, Website

Redheart Woodwork: Instagram

Home Goods & Other Crafts:

Bratington Bears: Instagram, Website

Clean Wick Soy Candles: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Moxilla3: Instagram, Website

Forever Rock Candles: FacebookWebsite

Coco Wix: Instagram, Website

Little Shop of Horticulture: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Claire's Candles: Facebook, Twitter

Cracked Creations: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterWebsite

Bath & Body:

American Hemp Extracts: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Claudia's Handcrafted Soap: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Desert Willow Botanicals: FacebookWebsite

Nice Creme Butters: FacebookWebsite

Sarahtopia: Facebook, Website

Carefree Bath & Body: Facebook, Website

Caron & Co.: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Clothing & Accessories:

BBYarn: FacebookWebsite

Buffalo Gals: Instagram, Website

Designing by Tina Marie: Facebook, Instagram

DSRT & MTN Clothing: Instagram, Website

Inky Binky Bonky: FacebookWebsite

Old Bagzz: FacebookWebsite

Lady Bug Design: Email

Rokn Yugen Soul: FacebookInstagram, Website

Black & Tan Wallets: Facebook

Modern Butterfly Company: FacebookWebsite

Groove Babe: Facebook

Wool & Spice: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Happy Go Henna: Facebook, Website

Montana Silk Art: Facebook, Website

Tatter Patch: Facebook, Website

Art (Photography, Painting, Upcycle, Ceramics, etc.):

American VIP Metal: Website

Behind the Bits: Facebook, Website

Crux Magic: Facebook

Designer Woodcrafts by Preston: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Drunk'n Crafter: Facebook, Instagram

Emrose Ave: FacebookWebsite

Factual Abstract: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Favsartsfur: Facebook

Hearth Stone Pottery: Website

Joce Picz Photography: Facebook, Website

JSD Barrel and Wood Creations: Facebook

Lan Art & Design: Facebook, Website

Leslie Ware Photography: FacebookWebsite

Maria Fisher Art:  Website

Michael Rodriguez Art: Facebook

P. Schranz Art: Facebook

Peg J Designs & Print: FacebookWebsite

Project Whimsy: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Reilluminated: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Roaming Hills: FacebookWebsite

Sarah Lukacs Art: FacebookWebsite

Storybook Handmade: Facebook, Website

Studio Nine Twelve: Facebook

Sweet Pieces Boutique: Website

The L Wood by Lucy: Facebook, Website

The Traveling Turner: Facebook

Treadway House Designs: Facebook, Website

Two Artists Fine Art: Facebook

ZamoraCrafts: Facebook

Curliosity Metalworks: Email

The Painted Ladies: Facebook, Website

San Juan Instruments: Facebook

Visions: Email

Artsy Cat Studios: FacebookWebsite

Tessa Nicole Art: Facebook, Website

PBJ Southwest Designs: Facebook

LaLA Acrylics: Facebook

Sophia Barbara Photography: Facebook

Starry Night Art & Music: FacebookWebsite

Cake Kaiser Art: Facebook

Nicholas Holman Art: Facebook, Instagram, Website

The Rusted Nail: Facebook

Dog & Pet Vendors:

Luckydog Fashions: Instagram, Website

Pet Wants: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Home Comforts & Moore: FacebookWebsite

Can I Get a Ruff Ruff: Website

Charlie's Dog Treats: Facebook, Website

My Star Dog Treats: Facebook, Instagram

Begables All Natural Dog Treats: Facebook, Website

Kiwi Pets Boutique: Instagram

D&D Pet Supplies: FacebookWebsite

Untamed Pet: FacebookWebsite

Bow, Meow, Squeak: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Alpha Chef: Facebook

Paracord Pet Collars: Website

Dogs & Coffee Photography: Facebook, Website

Hatton Pet Portrait Studio: FacebookWebsite

VitaHound Dog Nutrition Products: Facebook, Website

PawTree: FacebookWebsite


2019 - 2020 Cottage Edibles


Addicted Sauces: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Agave Pantry: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Basima Sweet Treats: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Grass Juice AZ: Website

Jazz It Gifts & Accessories: Email

Honeybee Cookie Company: Facebook, Instagram, Website

J&D Confections: Facebook, Website

JL Patisserie: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterWebsite

Precious Sauces: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Sonoran Desert Olive Oil: FacebookWebsite

Sun Valley Bees: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Yum AF Bakery: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Willy's Tomatoes & Chilies: Facebook, Website

Snob's Delight: FacebookWebsite

SomeWhereSweet: Instagram

Bello Caramels: Facebook, Instagram

Valley Keto: Facebook, Instagram

Artisan Treats: Facebook, InstagramWebsite

Areemo Greek Sweets: Instagram, Email

Indulge Irresponsibly: Facebook, Website


2019-2020 Food Trucks, Makers & Produce


Amadio Ranch Farm Store (Produce): Facebook, Website

Awesomesauce Bowls (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Back in Thyme (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram

Biscuit Freaks (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram, Website

Curbside Crepes (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Der Wurst Hot Dogs (Food Cart): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Elote Man (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Hibachibot (Food Truck): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

Pura Vida Grinds (CoffeeTruck): Facebook, Instagram, Website

Mediterra Bakehouse (Food Maker): Facebook, Website

Raul's Cocina (Food Maker): Facebook, Instagram, Website

LuLu's Sorbetto (Food Cart): Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website



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