2019 League Schedule

Come out, enjoy the games + cheer on our Tempe businesses.

Season Overview

Pre-season Social | August 13
Regular Season | August 20 - October 8
Bye Weeks | September 10, October 15
Playoffs | October 22, October 29

August 20

Away Team Home Team Time

Tempe Turbo Tortoises (L-2)

ZipZip (W-7) 6:00p
DT Renegades (W-6) Maroon Warriors (L-5) 7:00p
KickMeIn (W-13) Tempe Beach Ballers (L-3) 8:00p
414 Pizza Killers (L-3) Mac6 Obliterators (W-4) 9:00p

August 27

Away Team Home Team Time
ZipZip (L-Forfeit) DT Renegades (W) 6:00p
414 Pizza Killers (L-1) KickMeIn (W-15) 7:00p
Mac6 Obliterators (W-8) Maroon Warriors (L-7) 8:00p
Tempe Beach Ballers (L-6) Tempe Turbo Tortoises (W-7) 9:00p

September 3

Away Team Home Team Time

Tempe Turbo Tortoises (W-11) 

414 Pizza Killers (L-2)

DT Renegades (L-1) Mac6 Obliterators (W-11)  7:00p
KickMeIn (W-13)  Maroon Warriors (L-2) 8:00p
ZipZip (TIE-2)  Tempe Beach Ballers (TIE-2)  9:00p


*September 10 - BYE WEEK*


September 17

Away Team Home Team Time
Tempe Beach Ballers (L-4)  DT Renegades (W-7)  6:00p
414 Pizza Killers (W) ZipZip (L-Forfeit) 7:00p
Mac6 Obliterators (L-1) KickMeIn (W-12)  8:00p
Maroon Warriors (W-6)  Tempe Turbo Tortoises (L-4) 9:00p

September 24

Away Team Home Team Time
Tempe Beach Ballers (W-5)  414 Pizza Killers (L-2) 6:00p

ZipZip (L-Forfeit)

SUB: Tempe Beach Ballers (W) 

Maroon Warriors (L-Forfeit) 7:00p
Tempe Turbo Tortoises (W-8)  Mac6 Obliterators (L-1) 8:00p
KickMeIn (W-9)  DT Renegades (L-4) 9:00p

October 1

Away Team Home Team Time
Maroon Warriors (L-4) Tempe Beach Ballers (W-6) 6:00p
KickMeIn (TIE-10)  Tempe Turbo Tortoises (TIE-10)  7:00p
DT Renegades (TIE-4)  414 Pizza Killers (TIE-4)  8:00p
Mac6 Obliterators (W) ZipZip (L-Forfeit) 9:00p

October 8

Away Team Home Team Time
ZipZip (L-Forfeit) KickMeIn (W) 6:00p
414 Pizza Killers (W-11) Maroon Warriors (L-1) 7:00p
Tempe Beach Ballers (L-8) Mac6 Obliterators (W-10) 8:00p
Tempe Turbo Tortoises (W-8) DT Renegades (L-5) 9:00p





October 22

Away Team Home Team Time
#2 - Mac6 Obliterators #7 - Maroon Warriors 6:00p
#3 - Tempe Turbo Tortoises #6 - 414 Pizza Killers  7:00p
#4 - DT Renegades #5 - Tempe Beach Ballers 8:00p



October 29

Away Team Home Team Time
#1 - KickMeIn *Winner of 8pm Semifinals Game* 6:00p
*Winner of 6pm Semifinals Game* *Winner of 7pm Semifinals Game* 7:00p
* HOME RUN DERBY * TBD - open to all teams 8:00p
* CHAMPIONSHIP GAME * TBD - winners of above 9:00p


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