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Downtown Tempe Authority Workplan


OBJECTIVE ONE:  Internal Improvements

Downtown Tempe Authority will be fiscally sound and managed responsibly and equitably with a trained professional staff and an engaged Board of Directors.


  • Improve employee engagement, purpose, and sense of belonging.
  • Execute technology advancements and sustainability efforts
  • Improve financial sustainability of the organization


OBJECTIVE TWO:   External Partnerships

Downtown Tempe Authority will be a trusted, engaged and invaluable industry expert with all local partners, agencies, government officials, business owners, landowners, donors and their representatives.


  • Leverage our existing partnerships to achieve even greater results and demonstrate increased value.
  • Continue to raise the bar with respect to our merchant support efforts



Downtown Tempe Authority will drive positive changes to the public spaces and ensure excellent consumer experiences in the urban environment.


  • Produce high quality, inclusive community events that retain our existing guests and continuously draw new participants
  • Constantly improve upon our cleaning, safety and parking operations to incorporate new advancements and leverage partnerships
  • Incorporate art and local artists into the landscape of our downtown through concerted placemaking efforts throughout the year



Downtown Tempe Authority will program, market and promote inclusive events and activations in the downtown and execute marketing/communications campaigns that support the district.


  • Build a comprehensive annual marketing strategy that incorporates all our existing tools, our seasonal programs, and our stakeholders
  • Utilize data to execute more impactful and succinct reports

Each year, we create a WorkPlan that addresses specific tactics to achieve the objectives within this five year plan.   See the most recent plan below:

2022.2023 WorkPlan