Downtown Tempe Authority Strategic Plan Dashboard
2020 through 2025

Downtown Tempe Authority will be fiscally sound and managed responsibly and sustainably with a knowledgeable, professional staff and informed Board of Directors.  


  • Strive for constant personal and professional growth of the internal team focusing on elements that improve trust and strive for highest and best levels of industry expertise.
  • Improve financial sustainability of the organization through new funding, wise reductions of expenses and impactful partnerships.
  • Offer increased opportunities for engagement with the board of directors and committees.  
  • Implement sustainable solutions in all programs and initiatives, from the daily office operations to the management of the downtown to the production of large scale events.
  • Review all employee policies, handbooks, and hiring practices to ensure diversity, equity & inclusion in internal management.  


Downtown Tempe Authority will be a trusted, engaged and invaluable industry expert with all local partners, agencies, government officials, business owners, land owners, donors and their representatives.  


  • Strengthen relationships with current stakeholders and look for new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations.
  • Deliver on the promise of serving as a valuable resource through cutting edge management of the downtown and improved advocacy for stakeholders.
  • Tell our story locally and nationally through our marketing efforts, presentations, community service and events.
  • Expand all marketing and promotions to achieve positive downtown Tempe brand awareness locally, regionally, and nationally.  Ensure that all marketing efforts are inclusive and representative of the diverse audiences we serve.  


Downtown Tempe Authority will drive positive changes to the public spaces, mobility options and the pedestrian experience of the urban environment within and surrounding the downtown.  


  • Activate & maintain public spaces at a highest and best level that create unique pedestrian experiences.
  • Seek to improve all activations and events through programming that attracts a diverse audience and supports our stakeholders.
  • Advocate for appropriate infrastructure and amenities within the district.
  • Foster a diverse economy within the district through consumer research and stakeholder collaboration. 
  • Advocate for better accessibility and mobility to and around the district.