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State of Downtown

State of Downtown Tempe 2023 


The State of Downtown Tempe is our annual event that showcases what we have been up to all year long as well as what we have up our sleeves for the coming year.  The event also includes the presentation of our annual Impact Awards. These awards are given to businesses, people, programs and events that contribute greatly to the success of our downtown.  

Our 2023 Event
April 11, 2023 | 100 Mill Rooftop Deck | 4pm-7pm
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We are now accepting nominations for the Impact Awards 
Submit Your Nominations by March 15, 2023

Impact Awards Categories

The Downtown Tempe Impact Awards are presented to a person, a project, a building, a development, a group, an event or a business.  These are intended to highlight exemplary achievements in the following categories that have helped to create a unique and vibrant downtown.   

Business Community Impact:  improving the quality and viability of the Downtown Tempe Business Community.  Examples include a business that offers something new or a historic business that has been steadily adding vibrancy to the district.  

Cultural Impact:  improving the image, vibe, and cultural vitality of Downtown Tempe.  Examples include cultural venues, performances, street activations, or events demonstrating new and unique programming.

Economic Impact:  increasing Downtown Tempe's economic vitality.  Examples include a unique development, residential growth, companies that are increasing the number of jobs available, or events that draw people and bring an economic boom to the area.  

Environmental Impact: exemplifying environmentally sustainable practices in Downtown Tempe.  Examples include a transit project, improved resource utilization, or a development exceeding green standards.  

Social Impact: making outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes in Downtown Tempe.  Examples include individuals who volunteer their time, companies that encourage philanthropic acts, or social service agencies that are leading the way in positive social change.  

Iconic Businesses:  helping to shape the sense of place over an extended time.  These are businesses that have become institutions, have weathered the test of time, contribute to the economic vitality, add distinction to the business community, and have enhanced the culture of Downtown Tempe.  

Signature Event:  events that brand Tempe as a vibrant dynamic place and showcase downtown building new customers.  Events should bring an impactful cultural element to our Downtown and/or have a large economic impact on the district.  

Greatest Demonstrated Resilience: demonstrating resourcefulness, flexibility, curiosity and forward thinking. This award will recognize a business or project that has not looked back but rather has evolved and innovated.  

Lifetime Achievement Awards:  Game changer events, projects or people that made downtown what it is over an extended period of time.  

Check out our previous award winners HERE.





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