Downtown Tempe Authority Mission

The DTA shall act as a vehicle to positively impact and drive the future of our city’s urban center and be a steward of the existing assets and resources.

Downtown Tempe Vision

Downtown Tempe will be a vibrant, livable, walkable community that exceeds expectations while promoting the best uses of our public spaces.

Downtown Tempe Authority Goals for 2018

  • Downtown Tempe will be the preferred destination of employers, employees, residents and visitors for working, shopping, dining, events, culture and leisure. 
  • Downtown Tempe will be recognized nationally as a progressive urban center that leads downtown trends and technology.
  • Downtown Tempe Authority will drive positive changes to the public spaces and the pedestrian experience of the urban environment within and surrounding the downtown.
  • Downtown Tempe Authority will be a trusted, engaged and invaluable resource with all local partners, agencies, government officials, business owners, land owners, and their representatives.
  • Downtown Tempe Authority will be fiscally sound and managed responsibly with a healthy reserve and trained professional staff.    


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