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A Mountain Challenge

"A" Mountain Challenge 

March 11 - April 30, 2024

Registration is OPEN!

Challenge yourself, test your limits, earn exciting rewards, and support downtown Tempe merchants! The A Mountain Challenge includes various milestone prizes that are earned once an achievement is met in the challenge.

The more you climb, the more prizes you can earn!

Each milestone you reach gives you another entry for a chance to win the grand prize!

Challenge Details

How It Works

  • The A Mountain Challenge is a 7-week hiking, walking or running challenge beginning March 11, 2024. Participants complete the challenge on their own schedule.
  • Once registered, participants will be emailed a link to log their climbs up A Mountain. Prizes will be distributed from various Downtown Merchants throughout the challenge.
  • Registration will be open until April 15, but the deadline to complete the challenge is April 30. The sooner you register the more time you have to complete the challenge.
  • Register for $25 and you will get a high-quality signature t-shirt designed by Thomas Breeze Marcus, along with prizes as you reach various milestones.
  • By registering for the A Mountain Challenge, you receive a free challenge t-shirt.

When Can I Pick Up My A Mountain Shirt and Prizes?

Your A Mountain Challenge shirt and milestone prizes can be claimed at any of the upcoming prize distributions in Downtown Tempe:

1. Saturday, March 23, 9AM - 11AM | Pickup at Chop Shop located at 222 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

2. Sunday, April 14, 10AM - 3PM | Pickup at 2nd Sunday's Info Booth located at 5th St. & Mill Ave.

3. Saturday, May 4, 9AM - 11AM | Pickup at the Downtown Tempe Authority Office located at 1 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ, 85281

Elevation Achievement Milestones

A Mountain is 1,496 ft. in elevation. Below is a breakdown of the number of times you will have to climb A Mountain in order to reach the height of a larger mountain. You will also find the corresponding prize that goes along with the achievement once it has been accomplished. 

Each milestone you reach gives you another entry for a chance to win the grand prize!

  • Camelback: 2,707 ft. = 4 times | Prize: A Mountain Swag
  • Humphreys Peak: 12,633 ft. = 10 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown Merchant
  • Mt. Rainier: 14,411 ft. = 25 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown Merchant
  • Mt. Everest: 29,032 ft. = 40 times | Prize: $5 Gift Card to a Downtown Merchant AND Entry Into the Grand Prize for a chance to win a Downtown Tempe Staycation Package.

*The base elevations, peak elevations, and the number of climbs are close estimates and may not be 100% accurate, but this is all for fun!


Where Should I Park?

Mission Palms Parking Lot sponsored by Tempe Mission Palms Hotel: All registered participants will receive a code to park for free from 5AM - 9AM at this lot.

201 S Ash Garage: This lot is FREE if entering Monday – Friday after 6PM and exiting before 6AM. The garage is FREE all day Saturdays & Sundays (excluding special events).

On-Street Meters: There are 400+ on-street meters in Downtown Tempe. Rates vary by location & time. All on street meters are FREE on Sundays & Holidays.

Native American Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that Tempe Butte and the land surrounding it is sacred to local tribal communities and is part of the ancestral homelands of the O'odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) peoples. Tempe Butte is known as Oidbaḍ Do’ag (oyd∙bət daw∙ahg) in O’odham and Xwe Nykuuly (khwe nyə·kool) in Piipaash.

You can find the City of Tempe’s resolution recognizing the lands that comprise present-day Tempe as being culturally affiliated with the O'odham and Piipaash at the Native American Land Acknowledgement. The land continues to be spiritually and culturally important to these communities and we ask that you respect the butte as you enjoy the views by staying on the trail, not disturbing the landscape, and leaving no trace.

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