Streetcar Chronicles

Tempe Streetcar will serve one of the highest transit ridership centers in the region and will connect riders to neighborhoods, major business centers and regional events and destinations (like Downtown Tempe!). Streetcar chronicles is a brief glimpse at the people, places, and spaces involved with building the Tempe Streetcar in Downtown Tempe.


June 10, 2019

Meet the Crew

Mario Ramos, Cement Mason

Mario knows concrete. He ought to - he's been in the construction industry for 25 years. He focuses on being accurate and professional as he works his crew to set and pour the rail track for the streetcar. When he's not working on the streetcar project, he enjoys family time, fishing, reading and helping the less fortunate.


It's Not All Work

We want people to get a chuckle as they walk on the sidewalks past the construction area(s), so every day we place funny signage out on the sidewalks in downtown. Here's a sample (go ahead and laugh).


Talk the #TempeStreetcar Talk

What's the difference between the streetcar and light rail? Modern streetcars are different than the light rail. Lesson 1 - Learn the Lingo:

Call it a streetcar, not a train.

It has stops, not stations (BTW, there are 14 stops).

It has operators, not drivers.


Did You Know?

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