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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt booklet is available at select locations in Downtown Tempe. We suggest grabbing one to make your adventure more fun. Find out where to pick up your clues HERE!

JAKE is not a dropout, but he ventured across the tracks to hang with them and go on lots of fun culinary adventures.

JUDGE enjoys the beach, but this park is as close as he’ll come. He keeps an eye on families as they picnic and athletes as they run. Note: Judge is not on the Scavenger Hunt right now; he has been removed for repairs.

JULIET keeps her head down in hopes of not drawing any attention, but she loves to see all of the tourists stop in her favorite office to get information about Tempe.

JAYNE relaxes under the palms near one of Downtown Tempe’s historic houses and occasionally turns up her ears for live music on the amphitheater stage. JAYNE is not on the Scavenger Hunt right now; she has been removed for repairs.

JASPER is always on time for his afternoon nap in the shade, but when the clock above strikes 5, you might see him doing a jig.

JENSEN likes the hustle and bustle of Mill Avenue and the sweet smell of visitors creating fragrances all day long. He stays hopped up on caffeine so he doesn’t miss a beat.

JEMMA is a bit more timid and likes to be off the main drag. She likes to stay near the water fountain at this popular hotel where she can take a dip on hot days.

JADE likes to watch the buses and people come and go as she stretches on her favorite flower bed. She is considered a resident at this downtown inn.

JOEY can smell the BBQ across the street from this step on College Avenue and is ready to pounce on the next person that passes by to pick up some tickets. JOEY is not on the Scavenger Hunt right now; he will be relocated soon.

JOSEPHINE is surrounded by greens and loves the smell of fresh ingredients that come from this tricky house. Josephine is currently being relocated to a new spot - see clues for her future location here soon.  

JILLIAN is trying to get a better view of the upside down pyramid, but doesn’t want to keep anyone from getting a refreshing drink of water.

JACQUES always wants to know what new movies are coming out. He watches from afar as he greets people visiting his favorite breakfast spot.

JAQUELINE likes cuisines of all kinds and can never decide what to have for dinner. She stays torn between her favorite spring rolls and Italian pie.

JEREMY loves the smell of hops coming from the brewery … and he very much enjoys being near the giant jackrabbits. He doesn’t like the summer heat, so you won’t see him until the fall.


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