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5 Reasons to Work in Downtown Tempe

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Work Somewhere Awesome!

Need a job? Maybe you're unfulfilled, looking for a change, or just need to work in a community that 'gets you.' Whatever your reason- there are several local businesses looking for great people to join one of the best communities in Arizona. That's right, we're talking about Tempe!

Tempe has several unique attributes and elements that make it a great place to visit, but even a cooler place to work. We've narrowed down our list to the top 5 reasons to work in Tempe. If you are already set on working in Tempe, make sure to check out the Job Blizzard January 17-21, 2022 where you can see a list of businesses hiring and get a job interview on the spot. 


Here are 5 awesome reasons to work in Downtown Tempe.


#1: A Cool Vibe

It's simple really. A great place is one that offers a variety of things to do in one spot. A place to sit, a playground to play in, a garden to enjoy, art to touch, music to hear, food to eat, history to experience, and people to meet. We are as fun, silly, passionate, & vibrant as you. Not only will you enjoy public art, culture, events all throughout the year,  but you will also discover a community of great people who make our city pretty awesome to work, live, and play in.


#2 Location, Location, Location

Downtown Tempe is centrally located with 2 light rail stops, 7 future Tempe Streetcar stops, Orbit & Valley Metro bus access, a high bike score and the best city in Arizona for walking. You can bike, ride, scoot, stroll, walk, or even unicycle to work (yep- we see it all the time). Discover how easy it is to get around.


#3 Outdoor Recreation

Where else can you climb a mountain, kayak on a lake, ride your bike on trails – all during your lunch break? The outdoor recreation opportunities are one of the great benefits of working in Downtown Tempe.


#4: An Abundance of Local Eats, Treats, and Drinks

You have access to so many local eats, treats, and drinks. Over a dozen coffee/tea shops, 400+ taps, 72+ patios. Plus enjoy Sparky's, Slickables Ice Cream Sandwiches, boba tea @ Kung Fu Tea, cookies at Insomnia Cookies, and candy by the pound at Candy Addict. The abundance of options is what makes Tempe such a great place to work. 

#5 The Social Scene

Meet up with friends, grab happy hour, or go shopping. Plus enjoy events such as Oktoberfest, IRONMAN, music festivals, spring training fans, Tempe Festival of the Arts, Aloha Festival, ASU football games, Rock N Roll Marathon, parades & more. See our event calendar here. 


If you want to work in Tempe, check out the list of Downtown Tempe businesses that are hiring below and stop in to drop off a resume or interview during the Tempe Job Blizzard, January 17 - 21, 2022. Find a job at 414 Pizza & Pub, Caffe Boa, Detroit Coney Grill, Illegal Pete's, Jack in the Box, The Handlebar, The Lone Beast, Cactus Sports, AC Hotel, Canopy Hotel, Residence Inn Downtown Tempe, and Tempe Mission Palms. 

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