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6 Valentine Date Night Ideas

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So, you're dating someone new and Valentine's Day is coming up. Where do you bring them? What kind of mood do you want to create? How can you make it unique?

Downtown Tempe has a plethora of options for a Valentine's date night. Somewhere out there in the big ol' land between Farmer & College lies the perfect date night, just waiting for you.

From fancy-schmancy to the low-key... you can count on Downtown Tempe to foster your one of a kind love. However, with so many great options at our fingertips right, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect activities to fit your mood. 

Never fear, we're here to help. 



1. The “Fancy-Schmancy” Date Night
Oh you fancy huh?

Get all gussied up and indulge in the Harrisa Spiced Mussels and Balsamic Glazed Bacon-Bison Meatloaf at House of Tricks. After dinner (and possibly a Bourbon-Apricot Sour?), head over to Gammage to feast your eyes and ears on The Band's Visit.

2. The Active & Early Riser Date Day
A different kind of “Sunday Funday”

Start your Sunday afternoon with a workout that you can make as mild or challenging as you want - a one mile hike on ‘A’ Mountain. After you grab a super kewwwwiitttt selfie at the top, head over to the Original Chop Shop Co. to rehydrate and refuel over Cold Brew and Egg + Veggie Hash.

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, swing down Mill Avenue - this is where 2nd Sunday's on Mill goes down the 2nd Sunday of each month, November - April. Here, you can take part in the outdoor donation based yoga class by Arizona Yoga Co., check out local art, handmade goods, live music and some special activities in honor of Super Bowl Sunday - Game On!

*TIP* Get your girl all googley-eyed by purchasing her a pair of earrings, a hand-poured candle, or a Strawberry Shortcrepe at Foch Cafe… trust us.

3. Super Low Key Date Night
So you’re ready for more than coffee, but not quite ready for the commitment of dinner…

Enjoy a couple of cocktails over live music at Skysill Rooftop Lounge. Their weekly music series runs every Friday evening, and it’s free! Between the beautiful rooftop venue, tasty cocktails, and great music to talk about, you're stacked with things to talk about if an awkward silence tries to make an appearance. Low pressure - check! Great views - check! Unique and fun - check! 

If you are feelin’ the love (fingers crossed) and want to spend a little more time gazing into each other's eyes after the concert, walk over to Spinelli’s Pizzeria for a Hendricks and a slice of Chicken & Waffles pizza. There's no way to resist the love of which you will fall when you bite into that pizza... 

4. Lovey Dovey Date Night
Less distraction = more time for smooching. 

Simplicity is key with this slow-paced evening with your honey. A walk across the ped bridge around sunset would be the perfect way to end your day together. Seriously, it's quite romantic...  it has been the go-to spot for sunset selfies and... proposals! 

After taking in those cotton candy colored skies over Tempe Town Lake, treat yourselves with a Sugar Cookie + Passion Orange Guava Sorbet ice cream sandwich at Slickables. Now that is a sweet date night.

5. The Date Night of Laughter
Hahahahahahaha, LOL, LMAO, etc, etc

Photo: Tempe Tourism

Want to laugh until it hurts while also testing your mate's mystery-solving skills and ability to go with the flow? If so, you NEED to check out Escape Rooms Tempe. Here, you’ll take a vacation to Central America, where you’ll then be thrown into jail and you’ll need to escape before the guard gets back. If you don’t find a way out, you might as well kiss each other goodbye.

If you’re sly enough to escape, you should run to Low Key Piano Bar. Nothing like a Long Island Fish Bowl and dueling pianos to celebrate your jailbreak!

6. The Classic Date Night
Back in my day, we had to walk 10 miles up hill both ways to go to dinner and a movie... 

If you’re in the mood for the good ol' dinner + a movie date night, it's pretty clear that your options are endless.

We’re lucky to have AMC Theater smack dab in the middle of Downtown Tempe. With their reclining seats… you might want to make it a double feature.

Pedal Haus Brewery, AMC’s closest neighbor, is an excellent place to grab an IPA and a plate of pub style chicken wings before your flick. Enjoy over a game of corn hole, or nestle into one of their fire pit tables on the patio.

*TIP*  Mondays and Tuesdays are for lovers… and saving money, apparently. Postino Annex offers a killer deal on Monday & Tuesdays - $25 for a bottle of wine and a Bruschetta Board after 8 PM. Plus, if you’re an AMC Stubs member, you score Tuesday movie tickets for up to $8 off! Perfect!

What other places in Downtown Tempe make for great dates? Share by tagging your photos with #DowntownTempe !

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