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Downtown Tempe Scavenger Hunt

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Welcome to Downtown Tempe!

Get to know your community with this fun scavenger hunt that will introduce you to some cool spots in Downtown Tempe. Grab a friend or two, some comfy shoes and start exploring downtown Tempe with these fun clues. A prize awaits you when you complete the hunt!

1. Find Juliet! 

She keeps her head down in hopes of not drawing any attention, but she loves to see all the tourists hop in the Tempe Tourism office to get information about Tempe. Take her picture and post to Instagram #OurTempe


2. Make a Video!

Make a video crossing the crosswalk that crosses Mill Avenue and bears this sign.

Post the video to TikTock and tag #DowntownTempe. (Be safe: cross the crosswalk when it is safe with crosswalk sign).


3. Find the Candy Addict!

Then find out what their #1 selling candy is today. Take a pic with the candy and post on Instagram @thecandyaddictstore then ask for your FREE 1/4 pound of bulk candy or taffy. So Sweet!


4. Make a video of something you've never seen before!

At this store featuring items in the style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics depicting vibrant characters in action-filled plots often with fantastic or futuristic themes. Post the video on TikTok @acggoanime or Instagram @acggo

Bonus: First time ASU student customers get 50% off handcrafted drinks & Japanese fish cake skewer orders


5. If you were a GIANT...

This is where you would SIT. Get in the chair, take a picture, post it & tag #DowntownTempe


6. Sparky may be a Sun Devil...

But he really loves this place because its named after him. Go inside, try a sample and post on Instagram @sparkyscreamerytempe about the yummy flavor you tried!


7. Cactus' don't play Sports...

But if they did, they would shop here. Grab a Sparky or something with Sparky on it and take a picture holding up the items and post to Instagram @cactussportsaz


8. Its hard to escape from this place!

Find out how many rooms they have. This place is hard to find, the courtyard behind 414 Pizza is a clue. Post this phrase to Instagram @escaperoomstempe " I found out there are ______ escape rooms at the Escape Rooms Tempe on Mill today!"


9. Lights! Camera! Action!

This College Theatre is the only single-screen motion picture auditorium left in the Valley. In its heyday, the College Theatre used cutting edge technology, including glow-in-the-dark carpeting. What is the theatre's name and what does the marquee say today? Take a pic of the marquee and post with #HarkinsTheatres


10. What is this place??

Go west of grinding gain to find, beneath the tallest towers of thine. City boasts but only one of this centr' of unboxable fun. If you found the serpentine's lair, less than one step you'll have to spare, tween enter and exit once more, for your prize stands near the door. Inside the namesake's chest lies your well deserved prize. Off on your journey but before you do, we might tempt you with more than one knd of brew.


11. Is this place upside down??

Take a selfie in front of this building, post in social and tag #DowntownTempe, #Tempe, #ASU and #Tempegov




You've made it this far!  Reward yourself with a Downtown Tempe water bottle sticker. Stop by the Downtown Tempe Authority office (oldest building in the entire Valley!) at 1 W. Rio Salado Parkway, Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  - and tell the front desk you've finished the scavenger hunt or email and a sticker can be dropped off in the lobby of your residence!

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