Got Tempe Pride?

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Things have been hard but we have not lost hope. We are #TempeTough and we’re all in this together, Tempe and we need your support.

Show your Tempe pride with our ‘Tempe Love’ tee and your passion for community arts with our branded ‘Tempe Festival of the Arts’ tee. In buying these limited-run shirts, you are supporting the downtown Tempe community and the DTA’s efforts in keeping our downtown clean, safe and vibrant.

"Due to recent events, we were unable to celebrate Pride our usual way, by handing out rainbow roses,” Julie Kent, Director of Placemaking, said. “But we found a new way, in partnership with a local business, to celebrate Pride and community art all year long. Our hope is that we can spread hope and positivity to the community that we cherish and support."

Menu of Options


‘Tempe Love’ T-Shirt (Black Speckled or White) + 2 ‘Tempe Love’ Stickers - $30.00

‘Tempe Love’ Tank (White) = 2 ‘Tempe Love’ Stickers - $30.00

‘Tempe Love’ Stickers 5pk. - $6.00

Tempe Festival of the Arts T-Shirt (Green or Black) - $20.00

Tempe Festival of the Arts T-Shirt (White) - $20.00


Get Your Shirts


With every t-shirt purchase, you get 2 FREE stickers. The intent is for you to keep one and share the love by giving the second one away to your friends, relatives, a stranger, or someone special.

The pre-sale of these limited-run shirts will go through July 1, 2020.

All the proceeds from these new Downtown Tempe branded shirts will go back into our non-profit so we can continue to produce free community events (i.e. Tempe Festival of the Arts, 6th Street Market, Fantasy of Lights Parades, etc.) and keep downtown Tempe clean and safe while supporting the community, local businesses, and the City of Tempe. 

To learn more about DTA’s efforts visit our About Us page.


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