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Downtown Tempe Lunch Mob

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We're surrounded with good freaking mouth-watering food in Downtown. Here is a simple list of lunch ideas for those days you just feel like getting out of the office. Set up a spin wheel with these restaurant names on the spokes and see what fate has in store for your lunch today. 

Desert Roots Kitchen (414 S. Mill Ave) Take Out or Catering open 11am-3pm M-F.

Here you'll find an ever-changing menu featuring always vegan meals perfect for a balanced lunch. Locally and women owned with a beautiful courtyard patio.  

Foch Cafe & Bistro (21 E. 6th St. at the end of the roundabout east of Mill!) Opens daily at 9am.

Opens daily at 9am (closes 3pm Sun-Tues) with a happy hour W-F 4pm-6pm. This is the ultimate elevated lunch spot offering a delicious European American inspired menu from crepes to paninis. 

Cupbop (690 S Mill Ave near 7th Street) Open M-Saturday at 11am.

Korean BBQ in a Cup, Cupbop is packed with delicious flavor and is here to end your boredom of the same old food choices. Customizable spice level and protein makes it a great place for any adventurous or vegetarian friends. Try their mandoo, deep fried potstickers!  

Matsuri Izakaya on Mill (699 S. Mill Ave) Opens daily at 11:30am.

Opens daily at 11:30am, just in time for hunger hour. Japanese fast casual food & drinks - izakaya style! Serving beer, ramen, udon, rice bowls and small plates.

Pokeworks (209 E 7th Street) 11am-9pm.

Hawaiian-Inspired Bowls, Burritos and Salads available 11am-9pm. Pokeworks is a fast casual poke restaurant that offers a build-your-own style poke menu that lets you customize your meal with fresh and healthy ingredients. Get Poke for the whole office with free delivery on orders of $35 or more!

Rusty Taco (203 E 7th Street) 11am open.

Opening at 11am right next door from Pokeworks is Rusty Taco on the corner of 7th and Forest. They have great indoor and outdoor seating for the whole office to enjoy a great and quick lunch.  

Snakes & Lattes (20 W 6th Street) 11am open.

Do recon for your after-work plans by going to Snakes & Lattes at lunch. This place is the perfect cool off (great misters on patio and blastin' AC inside) and their all-day food menu may just surprise you! Grilled salmon? Strawberry salad? Poutine? Snakes & Lattes has it. 11am open. 

Tacos Calafia  (414 S Mill Ave, 4th and Mill) Closed Monday, open 11am T-Th and 10am on Friday.

25% off for military and law enforcement, Taco's Calafia keeps the heart of the business the same despite their growth across the valley—fresh ingredients, incredible tacos, authentic Tijuana style and family at the center. Closed Monday, open 11am T-Th and 10am on Friday. 

Cornish Pasty Co. (425 S. Mill Ave, 5th and Mill) Open 11am daily. 

Eat lunch at Cornish Pasty for the good food but don't skimp out on the fun history behind pasty's! Go for a meal and read the tale on their menu, and then stay for the perfect people watching spot on Mill Ave. Open 11am daily. 

University Sports Grill (740 S Mill) Opens at 4pm.

Famous wings. Do you need more convincing? They also have insane burgers. University Grill opens at 4pm each day so if you're looking for a work happy hour, you know exactly where to go. 

Chuck Box (202 E University Dr) Cash only (still!) Mon-Saturday open at 10:30am.

Serving award winning burgers since 1972 they cook burgers over an open mesquite fire using only the freshest ingredients available. Come enjoy a Big Juan one today! Cash only (still!) Mon-Saturday open at 10:30am.

Illegal Pete's (525 S Mill Ave) Open 10:30am daily.

Burritos. Bowls. Tacos. Salads. Nachos. Quesadillas. All the works made special for you. Plenty of room for a large office with great patio seating to get some vitamin D on your break from the office. Open 10:30am daily. 

Med Fresh Grill (414 S Mill Ave) 11am open daily!

Took this directly from their website because my mouth started watering just reading it: "There’s something about the way this tiny Mill Avenue Turkish spot prepares it [flame-broiled chicken] that makes it special. Of course, who knows what secrets are in the marinade, which makes the kebab juicy even though it’s served skinless and boneless. And the creamy, potent garlic dip served alongside it brings out the smoky touch of char on the meat. Combine chunks of that meat with fresh, warm pita, fluffy rice, pickles, salad, and smooth hummus, and you have the makings of a feast." 11am open daily!

Phoenicia Cafe (616 S Forest Ave) M-F 11am-8pm. 

This family owned business is serving up some GOOD Mediterranean and Greek food. If you have tried you have to put it on the list. In fact, put it on the list for the whole office. M-F 11am-8pm. 

Shawarma Factory (521 S College Ave) 10am-11pm.

Ladies and gentlemen start! your! orders! 10am-11pm all plates are served with rice, hummus, salad AND soup. I love some good shawarma but you can also get a nice beef burrito, chicken taco, burger, Philly steak, you name it*, so the whole office can get exactly what they want. 

*as long as its on the menu. 

Zen Zen Dojo Himeko Cafe (502 S College Ave) Open Monday, NOT Tuesday, W-Sat starting at 11am. 

This cute little place is exactly what you need. Check out their bento box menu, cafe or dinner menu for the goods! This cafe is somewhere you'll want to go for a unique experience of Asian fusion/Neo Chinese vibes. It's open Monday, NOT Tuesday, Wednesday-Sunday starting at 11am. 

So there you have it, a list of my go-to's. Round up your department and meet for lunch on Wednesdays in Downtown Tempe. Go a step further and post a photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag it with #DowntownTempe so we can all drool a little... ;)

*Prices and promotions subject to change. 

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