The Champion of the 2018 Fall Kickball League is...

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What a great season it has been! We saw many home runs, a few monsoon storm outs and a lot of good-spirited competition. Most importantly, we saw friendships form and witnessed community building in #DowntownTempe.


The Kicks! Downtown Tempe league started the season with 9 eager teams. Each team fought hard. Nevertheless, only a few teams could move on to the final rounds of the competition, and only one could be named the 2018 fall champion. The final four teams were:

KickMeIn aka LogMeIn | ranked 1st 
One Kick Wonders aka KPMG | ranked 2nd
252 Crew aka MassMutual Greater Phoenix | ranked 3rd
Optimus Lime aka Limelight | ranked 4th


Teams battled it out on the field and in the end, 252 Crew came up on top. Even though Mass Mutual Greater Phoenix took the trophy home, every team should feel proud of the accomplishments made through the first-ever kickball league in Downtown Tempe. Each player showed great sportsmanship and synergy throughout the entire season. And DON’T WORRY… If you are still salty about the loss or just interested in getting your team onto the roster you’ll have another chance to be a part of the league next season.

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet such talented and kind people. Kickball has been a really fun way to bring community businesses together, building trust and camaraderie between the people who make Tempe the great place it is.”

-Krislyn Powell, Event Manager

Thank you to our sponsors Loco Patron, Silicon Valley Bank, Mass Mutual Greater Phoenix, BIRD and Sole Sports. Without you, forming this league wouldn’t have been possible.

Interested in joining the league next season? Contact


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