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2016 Marketing Symposiums

Supported by APS


Thank you APS for making this year a success! 

Check back Fall 2017 for workshop availability.


March 16 Check Yourself! Marketing Audits to Assess Your Assets
Presenting Agency: Josh Yeager, Bright Brothers

Every marketer needs to be aware of which tools, content and assets they have at their disposal before creating a marketing plan. In this session, you’ll learn how to perform a marketing audit, identify existing assets, pinpoint gaps and needs in content and how to begin leveraging what you already have in your back pocket.


March 30 Smartphone Photography Tips
Presenting Agency: Joanie Simon,

Want to super charge your social media?  The best way to engage through social media is with high-impact pictures.  But, the question is, how do you improve your picture-taking skills without expensive equipment and tons of time?  As long as you have a smartphone, you can produce beautiful, compelling, consumer-driving content.  Learn about the basics from framing an image to lighting and what the must-have apps are for editing. 


April 6 The Rise of Influencer Marketing 
Presenting Agency: Tyler Farnsworth, August United 

The world of marketing is in a constant state of flux. Ad-blockers are on the rise, consumers are getting advertising fatigue, and business owners have to make tough decisions on how to best market themselves. This session will discuss the concept of influencer marketing, how digital influencers can help your company reach new audiences, dramatically increase reach, and create loads of authentic content. The discussion will define who these people are, and how they can seriously impact your brand for good. 


April 20 Surviving the Summer in Tempe
Presenting Agency: Alison Brooks, Tempe Mission Palms

Everyone adores Arizona in-season, but struggling through the summers can be a real challenge when Tempe’s student population evaporates, many locals flee for parts afar (and cooler), and your marketing needs to take a seasonal shift to get you through those lean summer months. 


May 4 Location = Local: Get Found by Locals & Visitors Alike
Presenting Agency: Gabe Ramirez, Sitewire

If you’re not claiming, optimizing and maintaining your local listings, you’re completely off the map. We’re partnering with Google to help put every local business on the map—including yours. Businesses that have complete business information online are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers. When people can find info about local dentists, dry cleaners, and your business, our community becomes even stronger. Attendees will Google-branded swag.


May 18 Websites 101: Making Masterful Marketing Hubs
Presenting Agency: Lisa Aragon, Mth Degree

While social media and the next new shiny thing are great an all, your website should be the home of your online presence. Is your home a flashy McMansion with little substance, or is it a cozy cabin with tons of charm to convert your business prospects; near-term and long-term? Learn best practices for websites, how to build your own and what table stakes are necessary for every business type.


June 1 Marketing and Communications Planning
Presenting Agency: Jenn Maggiore, Red Balloon 

A pro without a plan plans to fail. If you feel like you're too busy reacting to things to have time to plan, then this workshop is for you. In this class, which has a focus on affordable and approachable online marketing, you'll learn why you need an editorial calendar, how to get you and your team working together on the plan, and how to create monthly and annual campaigns. Bring your laptop (fully charged!) and by the end of the workshop, you'll have begun creating your own marketing plan, and you'll be that much closer to taking charge of your year.


June 15 Digital Advertising
Presenting Agency: Stefanie Conroy, Lucid Agency 

In this workshop, we'll look at why digital advertising should be part of your organization's marketing plan and go step-by-step through some of the most common types of digital ads, including pay-per-click, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram advertising, programmatic, native, and display. This workshop is designed for pros without a tech background, but who need to make the most of their limited advertising budgets.


June 29 Email 101
Presenting Agency: DD Kullman, President of AAF Metro Phoenix/Phoenix Ad Club

Email is the #1 performance marketing vehicle for most businesses. In this workshop, we'll learn why email should be a priority in 2016, how to design and build an email campaign, and how to write emails that inspire supporters and increase ROI. This class will be jargon-free: If you can write a letter, you can create emails that work.


July 13 Effectively Engaging the ASU Student Population and Community Partnerships for your Business Growth
Presenting Agency: Erika Feinberg, ASU - Entrepreneur in Residence, ApexOutcomes

Beyond giveaways and promos, Erika will share the many ways you can connect (and reconnect) with businesses and populations in your own community to invigorate your business growth.  Learn how to explore and craft strategic partnerships and programs; including unique ways you can leverage ASU, to help boost your business and create wins for everyone involved. Enjoy leveraging Erika’s expertise as a successful entrepreneur, as well as her insights into ASU as its Entrepreneur In Residence.


July 27 The Press Release is Dead: Influence Your Customers with Modern PR Strategies
Presenting Agency: Toni Smith, Tempe Tourism and Christine K. Bailey, Author and Business Strategist 

With the advent of the internet and the death of traditional mass media came a shift in reaching your audience. Now you can tell your own story and connect with influencers, bloggers and journalists. Learn how to write and distribute media updates and host writers and journalists who can make a big impact in your business and your online reputation.


August 17 Email 201
Presenting Agency: Ron Cates, Independent Marketer 

In this workshop, we'll focus on best practices for email campaigns in 2016, with a focus on testing and optimizing copy, design, audience segments, and technologies. This workshop is designed for marketers without a tech background.


August 24 Sign Up & Sign On: Merchant Signage in Tempe    
Presenting Agency: Jeff Tamulevich, City of Tempe and Kevin Miller, SpeedPro Imaging 

From A-frames to sandwich boards to signage and special events -- understand what’s compliant under Tempe’s ordinances, and the best ways to attract foot traffic from Tempe’s bustling downtown district.


Sept 7 Want Success on Social? Start Making Videos
Presenting Agency: Tyler Farnsworth, August United 

Sick of declining organic reach? Learn how to leverage video to engage your audience and tell your brand’s story. Audiences care about a good story, well told. Turns out, so do the social networks.


Sept 21 Editorial Calendars 101: Creating Content that Converts
Presenting Agency: Libbie Miller, Lane-Terralever

Marketing and communications shouldn’t be an afterthought. Beginning with a proactive approach and creating a flexible, living Editorial Calendar can keep you two steps ahead of the competition and on top of potential sales by not missing out on impactful events, seasonal ebbs & flows and when to message what in which marketing channel.











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