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Hello Downtown Tempe… it’s so great to make your acquaintance! I’ve heard so many great things about you and am really excited to get to know you better.  You’ll have to excuse me though, when I get excited my southern drawl comes out – I hope that’s ok with y’all!

I moved here last summer from Charleston, SC – tough act to follow btw.  I must say though, having the sunshine, patio dining and Tempe Town Lake (which my son calls the Atlantic Ocean) has made it an enjoyable transition.  My background is in outdoor education and programming. So basically, I’ve been having fun organizing events for others to enjoy…that’s what I’m all about! I’m also your gal to check out new restaurants, double check craft brews off my list, and indulge in yummy treats (I loooooove Delice).

Working for Downtown Tempe Authority is just icing on the already delicious cake! As the Director of Downtown Vibe,  I get to talk to folks about cool happenings in other cities and plan to create even cooler events right here in Downtown Tempe…all while gazing at A Mountain right outside of my office. Not too shabby for a day job!

For me, Tempe is not just where I live…it’s very important to be involved with the community and become a part of the vibrancy here.  Downtown Tempe is a really unique place and I couldn’t be happier about being here -- strolling along the lake, hiking up A Mountain, heading out to lunch, exploring hidden spaces, or just biking around ASU’s campus -- there’s so much to do & I’m up for it all!

Hope to see y’all soon!

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Parking Day

Posted 09.18.15 by Danielle

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Christmas in July

Posted 07.30.15 by Danielle

Planning an event forces one to think in the future --  sometimes a year ahead and other times several years in advance...yikes! That can be very troublesome for some, given the constant pressure to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now. YOLO, right? For me, planning events is both a blessing and a curse -- while I love planning events and seeing so many different elements come together, a regular stroll down the sidewalk or leisure time in the park turns into visions of tents, food trucks, and staging...so many possibilities! Welcome to the life of an event planner!

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Calling All Bikers - Schwinn, not Harley!

Posted 06.15.15 by Danielle

I don’t want to state the obvious, but we all know that Downtown Tempe loves bicycles and those who ride their bikes to work, class, or just for a leisurely ride. Since 2003, Tempe has been considered a Bicycle Friendly Community by The League of American Bicyclists.  That means that Tempe “welcomes bicyclists by providing safe accommodations for bicycling and encouraging people to bike for transportation and recreation. A bicycle-friendly place makes bicycling safe, comfortable, and convenient for people of all ages and abilities.” That’s a GREAT national distinction for our downtown!

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Take a Ride with Monti

Posted 05.26.15 by Danielle

I went for a ride with Monti recently -- he's the driver of Downtown Tempe’s Free Lunchtime Trolley. I'm sure you know about it…the big red trolley with the colorful Downtown Tempe branding on the sides...it’s very easy to spot. Monti’s smiling face will greet you from 10:30am-2:30pm Monday through Friday. And I'm serious about his face...he is always smiling! He has been driving the trolley since its inception in July 2014. Having driven lots of folks over the past year, it’s only befitting of his unofficial role as an ambassador for Downtown Tempe. “I’ve had folks from China, Poland, Uzbekistan, and all over the world board this trolley. Some folks are just curious and want to check it out. Others, well...I see them almost every week", Monti said.

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Green with Envy

Posted 05.06.15 by Danielle

I've been in Arizona for 10 month now and am finally getting acclimated to the plethora of brownish reds native to the desert landscape. My eyes are accustomed to plush greenery. After several months of blinders, I am really starting to take in what's around me. I must say that I'm quite impressed with how many trees surround us. I didn't expect the desert, let alone Downtown Tempe to have so many trees...an asset that I'm sure has other urban environments green with envy.