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Chat With a Downtown Tempe Resident

Posted 06.06.16 by Aminda

We hung out with Barb, a resident of Downtown Tempe, to pick her brain about urban living. We talked about things like where she does her grocery shopping, why she moved downtown, and even got a tour of her beautiful apartment at Hanover Mill Ave.

Downtown Tempe Authority: Hey Barb! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do for work, where you came from, and how you ended up living in Downtown Tempe.

Barb: I am a co-owner of a PR firm called teamworks communication management. We specialize in communications for nonprofits.

We lived in south Tempe from 1999 to last fall, raising our daughter, who is now graduating from U of A.

We ended up living downtown because we wanted a change of lifestyle. We were empty nesters in a big house full of “stuff.” We wanted a place that was smaller, and was near fun stuff to do. We knew we wanted to stay in Tempe, so downtown at Hanover Mill Avenue was the perfect choice. We have a beautiful apartment, don’t have to maintain a yard, a pool, and live more simply! And we have more fun!

DTA: Where do you do your grocery shopping now?

Barb: Safeway at Rural and Broadway

DTA: If you could snap your fingers and have one new amenity within walking distance, what would it be?

Barb: A Trader Joes!

DTA: What do you do when you have out of town guests?

Barb: Happy hour on the patio at Pedal Haus is a must. So is walking to Tempe Town Lake. Dinner at Rula Bula, House of Tricks or Gordon Biersch are options our guest have loved.

DTA: Some people may think that living in a downtown isn’t like other neighborhoods – do you think there is there a sense of community?

Barb: It isn’t like other neighborhoods, but would love to see DTA set up a neighborhood association like the Downtown Phoenix has so we can build a sense of community, get to know one another and discuss issues that impact you.

DTA: Do you utilize the public transportation at all (Orbitz, Metro, lunchtime trolley, etc)? Do you bike?

Barb: I use light rail all the time. I haven’t used the others, but plan on adding that to my transport options this summer!

DTA: If you could live in another Downtown, besides Downtown Tempe, which would you choose and why?

Barb: Here in the Valley? There are no other choices. Elsewhere? San Francisco – good transportation, amenities in the urban core for residents.

DTA: If you could give a piece of advice for anyone moving to an urban setting like Downtown Tempe, what would it be?

Barb: 1. Divest yourself of “stuff” – urban living is usually more compact, and it’s great not being weighed down with “stuff.” 2. Be prepared for noise – this is the city after all – there are planes flying overhead, trains going by, people on the weekends. You really do get used to all the hustle and bustle.

DTA: What is your absolute favorite thing about Urban Living?

Barb: Though we love our apartment at Hanover Mill Avenue and the view – we love watching sunsets each night and enjoying the lights of the City – our favorite thing is being in the heart of it all and being steps away from dining, entertainment, and recreation.

Do you live Downtown Tempe, or another urban environment? If so, share your experience with us! What is your favorite thing about it? Where do you do your grocery shopping? Why do you choose to live where you do? We want to know! #DowntownTempe #NowhereElse


Places Mentioned: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Hanover Mill Avenue, House of Tricks Restaurant, Pedal Haus Brewery, Rula Bula Irish Pub & Restaurant, Tempe Town Lake