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Halloween is Sadly Behind Us!

Posted 11.03.15 by Kate

This isn’t news to anyone, but this past Saturday was Halloween.  Downtown Tempe was at capacity with energized concert goers who had flown in from around the country to see the seldom live Tool show and the costumed troops of night owls enjoying showing off their fright night spirit.  There were definitely some amazing costumes participating in the unofficial downtown parade.  Lots of wigs, glitter, face paint, and bloodied eyes strutted up and down Mill Avenue.  My personal favorite was the homemade Groot made of various lengths of brown packing paper and paper bags. 

I didn’t get a photo of that. Here's an artist's interpretation of that very costume.  Credit: J. Marshall

Yes, the streets were packed with folks of every age enjoying the liveliness around them, but I wondered whether or not we should offer them something more to do.  I’m speculating here, but it appeared that all the businesses were booming, and from the looks of the ATM line, people were happily spending in Downtown Tempe.  And we love to see that!  But outside of the bars and restaurants, there were no outdoor activities.  I would like to hear from you …

What is the best thing about Halloween on Mill Avenue?

What, if anything, would you like to see added to the night next year?

And so another Halloween has come and gone, triggering the beginning of the holiday season.  Hard to believe that 2015 is on the downhill slide, but it is true.  Next up for us?  A couple of parades, another opportunity to purchase fine art and drink wine on the streets, and a farewell 2015 party to round things out.  But that’s a wrap on all things bloody for this year.  Don’t forget to post your favorite moments, #Tempe1031 and #DowntownTempe.  Happy Halloween!