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6 Places to Partake in National Chip & Dip Day in Downtown Tempe

Posted 03.21.16 by Aminda

Alright everyone, it’s National Chip & Dip day TODAY! Although I have had my fair share of chips n’ dips, I’ve never properly honored this day devoted to the delicious duo. Lucky for us, there are plenty of places to celebrate Downtown.

1. El Hefe: Lookin’ for something cheesy and spicy? Go for the Queso Fondido Dip. You might as well add on a side of the house made guacamole for $2 because, well, we’re celebrating here.

2. Gordon Biersch:  Craving some seafood? Check out the Blue Crab & Artichoke Dip. It's served with grilled crostinis and crispy herbed flatbread chips.

3. Fat Tuesday:  Want to take this grub from appetizer to feast?  Well, Fat Tuesday’s has an entire section of their menu dedicated to chips & dips. Let’s see here… I think I’ll start with the Fat’s Salsa, then move onto Buffalo Chicken Dip as my main course, and top it all off with the Four Peaks Hop Knot Beer Cheese Dip. Yep, that sounds like a really good plan.

4. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop: Usually, the dip is the star when it comes to this tasty pair, and rightfully so. However, Fuzzy’s chips should not be considered just a transportation device for the good stuff. Here, they sprinkle their fresh tortilla chips with “Fuzzy Dust” – a blend of spices which they describe as “magical”. Who doesn’t love magical chips?

5. ZTejas: ZTeja’s offers up table side guacamole – where they customize and combine all of the delicious guac ingredients right before your eyes. Oh yeah, this also comes with bottomless chips. Perfection.

6. Macayo: Let’s talk about nachos for a minute. They’re basically chips and dip... right? Really, the chips are just laid out as a base, and then someone ever so kindly poured the dip (dip as in... beef, tomatoes, onions, cheese, jalapenos...) on top for you. Boom. Now that we’ve covered that science, Macayo’s has Build-Your-Own Nachos, and they definitely count as a preferred option for today.

Join us in honoring this tasty snack that we all know and love! Show us what you got by tagging your crunchy chips and chunky dips with #DowntowntTempe !