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48 LIVE: Live from Laurel Canyon Presents: James & Joni: "Their Stories, Their Songs"

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Live From Laurel Canyon: “James & Joni: Their Stories, Their Songs” is a 90-minute show that chronicles the careers of songwriting icons James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, presented with narrated stories about their lives and the songs you know and love. The show features some of the finest singers and most well-versed musicians in the country interpreting a selection of songs from James and Joni’s vast careers; from the early days to their later hits and performed by show creator Brian Chartrand (vocals/guitar), with Kip Fox (vocals/guitar), Holly Pyle (vocals), Lamar Gaines (keys), Mario Mendivil (bass), Adam Armijo (electric guitar), Todd Chuba (drums), and Miguel Melgoza (percussion).


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