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Amanda Adkins

A native to Arizona, Amanda Adkins Graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education.  Since graduating, Amanda has been featured on NPR's Morning Edition Story Tellers and has worked with various Arizona-based organizations and businesses such as; Hands on Greater Phoenix, One Step Beyond, Helen K. Mason Performing Arts Center, Phoenix Phabulous Mural Experience, Downtown Tempe Authority and Herberger Theatre.  
Her artwork reflects stories from her childhood, dreams, love, health and Mother Nature. Amanda spends a lot of her time observing the flora and fauna of the desert landscape. Throughout her work you will find she uses animals and plant life as representations of her own life.  Beneath the many layers of meaning in each painting she feels her work represents the inner connectivity one's self has to the universe.  She also enjoys painting figures and capturing the spirit of those that are close to her.  Amanda's use of material includes oils, acrylic, spray paint and watercolor. 


Artist Statement

Amanda Adkins spends a lot of her time observing the nature of relationships and Mother Nature herself. In her paintings she uses a wide array of subjects, such as; models, animals and insects, as personal symbolism's that represent life's struggles and triumphs. Her paintings come to her from her dreams, inspiration from nature, her love of spray paint and graffiti, love and memories. Her artwork is primarily about the inner connectivity that we have to all.   Amanda's work has been included in-group, and solo exhibitions and she has painted murals in several locations around Phoenix, Arizona.

Description of Work for She Tempe

The work represented for She Tempe is from my Unraveled series that I worked on in 2010-2012.  This series of work represents the connections we have to one another and how we form relationships.  Many people as well as animals are represented in this series of work.  The theme of a string throughout the series represents the attachments we have to what we think the ideal relationship is.  Most all the animals in the series of work are monogamous.  The question posed is "What are you attached to, attracted to, what holds you down?"  Whether they are ideals of monogamy, family, friendship or modern love we have all experienced some form of each.