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Angela Masker

Angela Masker is 18 years old and currently majoring in Studio Art at ASU. She graduated from New School for the Arts, and during her time there participated in several public art projects for the cities of Tempe and Mesa. She primarily works with acrylic paint and ink. Angela shows and sells her art at the ArtOne gallery in Scottsdale.


Artist Statement

Angela Masker's art as a whole focuses on conveying the emotions of herself and the people around her, as well as exhibiting different types of people, and putting positive emphasis on the details that make them so diverse. She tends to focus on or exaggerate features that many people tend to overlook, are biased against, or may consider unattractive. By depicting people without hair or eyebrows and contradictory or ambiguous body proportions, she likes to create more androgynous characters, which represent many of her peers and role models, and also leaves the characters open to individual interpretation.

Description of Work for She Tempe

My work for She Tempe is an acrylic painting of a girl wearing a pair of earrings with eyes on them, which was inspired by a gift that was given to me. The bright colors used and depiction of the girl in this painting exhibits the overall essence of my current body of work.