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Felicia Penza

Felicia Penza is an African-American graphic designer and has worked in that industry for over 15 years. Inspired by her love of music and art, Felicia began drawing and painting at an early age, leading her onward to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. A vocalist and devoted mother of 7-year old twins, Felicia channels her passion for both the musical and painted art forms throughout the Valley.


Artist Statement

While exploring the sensual relationship between the object and the body, I investigate objects that address the intimacy of form, scale, surface, gesture, and the human interaction. Through my work, I am exploring the personal boundaries between sensuality and sexuality. It is within the viewer’s own experience to negotiate their own boundaries.

Description of Work for She Tempe

My work in the exhibition of She Tempe not only showcases women, but also women of color. My artwork can be interpreted many ways--but it was my goal to showcase the sass, the pensive nature and the vibrancy of each subject through the colors and expressions on the canvas.