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Jenna Garcia

Jenna Garcia is an abstract figure expressionist painter who specializes in large to life size oil paintings. The self taught artist was born 1982 Phoenix Arizona where she now lives with her wife and their two daughters. Her artist process began at the age of 16 when she discovered her love to paint. Inspired by a famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and all time legend Andy Warhol, Jenna painted her first painting titled ‘SHE’ a monochromatic blue nude figurative piece which remains in the artists private collection today. A painting done at such a rebellious time in her life, Jenna did not paint again until her early adult years in 2003 and invested in herself as a full time artist in 2015.  Her painting ‘SHE’ gave birth to Jenna’s art business She Collections, selling vibrant abstract figurative work. Jenna has shown her artwork in group and solo exhibitions in Arizona and California. She has gained private collectors and many followers on social media. A painting of hers recently published on the cover of Facing Love & Pain A collection of poems by author Stephany Medina.


Artist Statement

I love the body’s ability to express so much without saying a word. Passion, desire, confidence, and even pain. I use vibrant colors to help evoke those powerful emotions. I have painted five different series such as, dance, erotic, circus, yoga and portraits. I can’t wait to see what will inspire me next!

Description of Work for She Tempe

When I was asked to select a few paintings for art installation I chose paintings from my yoga and mini portrait series. I really love these two collections. My yoga paintings, to me, signified inner healing. I’m very much a beginner in yoga but I practice it to help control my anxiety and find my balance. I do paint more advanced yoga poses which I find beautiful and inspiring.

As for the second art installation, I chose my mini portrait series which is a newer series. These pieces are 4x4” mini paintings that were created to help donate money to my friends fighting cancer. In a 30 day period I kept receiving news that someone else I knew was sick.It was a friend my age, a mother who just gave birth. It was also my friends 9 month old baby boy. It was a family friend who I called uncle and has watched me grow up. It was also a gallery owner who gave me a chance and saw something in my work, a mentor in the art world. I started painting these little minis and auctioning them off so I can have something to donate to their gofundme accounts to help them reach their goal. I started this mini portrait series 5 months ago and with that I have been able to donate $833.00 something I couldn’t do without my art collectors and I am truly grateful for that.