Send Your New and Departing Elects Well Wishes!

Departing members:
Mark Mitchell - Mayor 
Arlene Chin - City Councilmember
Incoming members:
Corey Woods - Mayor
Doreen Garlid - City Councilmember
Returning members:
Joel Navarro - City Councilmember
Randy Keating - City Councilmember
Typically when newly elected public servants are sworn in, they can joyfully celebrate with the public and their friends and families. Given our current situation, these opportunities sadly won't exist for these individuals. These public figures have demonstrated a commitment to their community and have worked tirelessly to serve our great city.  
We are incredibly grateful for the years of service that Mayor Mark Mitchell served as a Councilmember and as Mayor. In addition, we very much appreciate Arlene Chin for answering the city's call for service. We are looking forward to the continued work with Councilmembers, Joel Navarro and Randy Keating. Finally, we are looking forward to the new energy and opportunities to work with Councilmember, Doreen Garlid, and newly elected Mayor, Corey Woods. Each of these individuals has something unique and vital to bring to the city and their roles.  
In lieu of a formal event or celebratory affair, we hope that you will take a moment to send them your positive messages. Fill out the form below to send your elected officials well wishes for the future and/or thankful goodbyes.
Don't forget to tune in to the swearing-in ceremony on July 2nd online via Tempe 11.

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For more information on your newly elected Mayor and City Council Members visit the City of Tempe website.